Monthly million tournament

So I have a ticket to play this tournament but it constantly will not let me register.
I would like to be paid my $535.00

I should be able to buy in whenever I wish until level 20 as stated. Therefore I would like to be paid the full amount of the ticket.
I hope ignition casino does whats right here.
This is not my fault.

I am also unable to register using a deposit bonus ticket I received.

@Foster @Matt

Yep its bullshit. I have also informed the mods for a few days now about this problem. I guess they did not get it fixed. We should be paid in full for the ticket.

And as a matter of fact. When I came here for help just a bit ago.
Kareem was here so I sent him a direct message for help.
And he split about five minutes later without messaging me back.

We are looking into this now.

What are you looking at William?
Paying me my $535.00?

Assuming they fix it relatively soon it’s not that big of a deal, starting stack is still 300bb and the levels are 20 min.

No it is a big deal.
Because the rules state I could late reg until level 20.
This problem has compromised my strategy.

Can you guys please try registering through the Download client for now?

No I wont. Like I said this has compromised my strategy and completely turned me off from playing now. And I did that yesterday anyway.

Could @Dan_123 try the DL client please and let me know if that works? We were informed that clearing your cache may also work. @Doublegboxeo I will look into your situation shortly.

Thanks, it worked when I used my laptop. I was able to take my seat on the iPad version immediately after registering too. Appreciate the help

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I cleared my cache right before trying to register today. I did it because I have already had this problem for a couple days now. And I have told the mods here about this problem.
And I also downloaded the client which did not work.

I was told it was working properly on a desktop or laptop but do not have one at my disposal.

I would really like to have this resolved ASAP.
I have other things I can be doing other then waiting for a resolution for an unestablished time.

Can I get some kind of update please.

I will PM you within the next 20 mins @Doublegboxeo

Thank you. And I am not sure but maybe ignition called me. I answered but got no response.
Just letting you know in case it was ignition casino.

   So I just wanted to set the record straight about my tournament issues.

First off I would like to thank Ignition Casino for being on top of my issues. They handled and fixed everything in a timely manor.
Now with that said, I would like to apologize to the moderators for being rude at times when we spoke today. And thank you moderators for doing everything you could do to help me with my problems.
Thank you again,