Monthly Milly $1,000,000 GTD Ticket not working

So i recently registered in a satellite event on ignition that pays 1 seat GTD to the Monthly Milly. I won 1st place for the ticket Valued at $535.00 and it turns out this ticket will not work for me to register and gives me a error. At this point i just would like a resolution and a possible compensation for my issue at hand and time wasted on this. At the writing of this post i am out of $180.00 in bullets i spent plus the $535.00 value of the ticket.

Handled via PM

@Davy Not handled, but you did message me. Awaiting resolution still not fixed !!!

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Issue was already escalated and awaiting response.

I bought a Sit and Go JP tournment with 3 or more people and my card straight flush from 4-8 got beat by a straight flush 4-9 ssame suite black heart and is the hands before this tournment Id # 59937574

could someone help me explain this one?

any rewards or for this bad beats?

6/29/2023 at 3:35pm

59937574 hands before this one in same ticket

has anyone able to helped with this question above ?

Bad beats are only valid if both players use both of their hole cards and typically it’s only on cash tables

thank you