More tournaments are disappearing(MONSTER STACKS)

Monster stacks are gone again? there are huge gaps in the schedule now

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Do you recall what times they started at?

Let me know and I’ll take a look for you.

The daily 7:15 25 dollar and the 7:45 162 monster stack. Also the Sunday 125 ko at 4 15, the 109 6max at 725

Thanks for that info.

I’ll take a look into it and get back to you with an update about the monster stack tournaments.

Regarding the other two tournaments, are they the same ones we addressed over in this topic?

Any update on the 2 monster stack tournaments? The daily 7:15 25 dollar and the 7:45 162 monster stack

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Hi @pillows,

As stated in the link provided above by Sam, this issue has been moved to ‘On Hold’ and will only be revisited if there is more demand for it. This change was made by our Poker Team last month based on feedback, and other tournaments were added.

That being said, if any updates do arise concerning this topic, we’ll be sure to post them either here or in the linked thread above.

Please bring back the daily monster stack MTTs. Thanks.

There was and is demand for it. These were great tournaments. Where did you received this feedback about these games? Was it internal? I don’t see any threads on this forum about people not liking the monster stacks and I cant imagine anyone sending an email to you guys asking for them to be removed. That just seems ridiculous

Apologies for the confusion.

The tournaments that @Foster was referring to are different from the monster stacks previously mentioned.

To clarify, our tournament structure can be re-organized to accommodate ongoing events such as the GSPO. With that said, I’m going to follow up with this again to get more information on these missing monster stacks.

Are you going to bring these back now that the GSPO is over?

I’m taking a look into the circumstances relating to these tournaments and I’ll update this topic as soon as possible.

Just dropping in to update everyone that the specified monster stack tournaments were part of a promotion running from September 4th until October 12th, and because of this they have since been retired from our schedule.

However, as of yesterday the first event in our Festival of Felt has begun. Qualifiers for the Cyber Mad Monday edition will run until December 2nd.

But they have been running since way before September 4th. You’re saying that they’re never coming back? Being labeled yellow in the lobby, I thought they were a flagship tournament you guys were promoting. I dont get it

I’m not saying that they’re never coming back - I apologize, the phrasing could have been better. With the release of new promotions, certain tournaments are shelved in the meantime. At the moment, these particular monster stacks are no longer part of our schedule but that doesn’t mean they won’t be seen again in the future.

Thank you for clarifying. Much like their absence for the GSPO, they will continue to be shelved while these series of promotions run their course until January. I understand.

Any updates on the 25$ and 150$ yellow labled monster stack tournaments? Would be great to see them back in the lobby next week now that the holiday series and GSPO are over

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@pillows unfortunately we have no update on these tournaments coming back at the moment.

@pillows Just circling back to let you know that these tournaments were part of a previous promotion. However, as I said before they might return for future promotions.

Those monster stack MTTs were fun and always seemed to go over the guarantee. Please bring them back.