Multiple table issue on iphone

Everytime I have a cash table and a mtt open or two mitts or just in general two tables open in browser client it always freezes up or automatically reloads tables or has a error message then does it then when the tables reload they are frozen where you cannot touch anything can’t click fold call or raise played sere all cash tables and matt’s and have blinded out due to it or folded monster hands in them where it caused me to lose a lot of chips or blind out or even sit out at a cash table literally have the nuts and have to watch the timer count down to zero and fold had it happen so many times and this simple glitch costed me a lot of matt’s and a lot of cash


Weirdly seems to happen during big monster hands where I either raise or pot bet and then it does the glitch and causes me to watch a monster get folded due to it

Trouble shooting doesn’t work neither does a diff phone or mobile device

Hi @IReadUrSoul,

I understand how this can be annoying as no one likes any form of technical issues. Have you tried clearing the cache, trying different browsers, trying incognito as well as restarting your device after your clear the cache? If not please give it a try as we currently have no confirmed issues right now. Please update if anything changes.

i tried all that and everything else suport has told me to do the issue still pursists and causes me to lose mtts and cash due to the bug glitch or whatevr

Okay, thanks for sharing with us, have you tried using another device?

uive tried every deivce i own and still same issue when i ahev two tables open

this sinlge bug has costed me thousands of dollars worth of mtts and cash tables where i have to fold the nuts

like ita a bug or glitch in the software i believe but say i hae two tables open itll play right for ten minutes or less then itll lag out when i refrsh page tables pop open and itll have my time bank activated and then i cant click any type of buttons just a frozen table i have to sit bakc anc watch nut hands get folded

Just to confirm does it always happen about 10 minutes in?

10 minutes or less inb itll happen

itll play right for a few minutes then all of a sudden lag out then when i reload tables itll comebakc f rozenb time bank activated and i have to wathc premium hands or hands in big pots get fold like nut hands get folded

I’m sending you a private message right now.

when it comebsakc frozen all my buttons are there i just cant click call fold or raise or anything just have to watch hands get mucked when i log out and comeback itll alreayd be folded

will be looking out for the pm

Same thing happens to me all the time. Has ruined several of my tournaments when I was deep in the money

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Yep. Same here. happened to me 5 different times lastnight/today. Caused me to lose on several hands.

@Jbw1581 this is while on a mobile and playing multiple tables?

Yes thats correct, while playing multiple tables on mobile. Iphone.