Multiple Withdraws

I currently have a pending Bitcoin Withdraw that looks like it might be a couple days before it is completed. Is it possible to request another Bitcoin withdraw before that one is finalized/released ?

If not can another withdraw be done via another crypto currency?

Your withdrawal is scheduled for a few days from now as per the 72 hour timeframe between crypto withdrawals. However, you are correct and this only affects specific crypto. In other words, you can withdraw different cryptos and avoid this 72 hour hold as it will only affect BTC in your case.


We’re not able to expedite withdrawals on our end unfortunately. I do understand some withdrawals are quicker than others but ultimately this is why we have the timeframe as it’s not an exact limit.



I understand there’s no frustration towards me here, but there have been a few items brought up on your end regarding ‘consistency’ where we have essentially deadlines or timeframes that are provided.

Similar to what I stated in the crypto thread we do provide a timeframe and do ultimately stick to it as best as we can. This is another instance where the only way to ensure consistency would be to essentially delay everyone’s withdrawals to ensure it was only processed at the 24 hour mark to make them more consistent. The timeframe is offered in order to give a better estimate of when you’ll receive them but we do provide them as quickly as possible.

I doubt many players would agree that they’d rather consistency and their withdrawals always taking the exact same amount of time, as opposed to receiving their withdrawals as soon as we’re able to approve them. (and in many cases within an hour like you’ve advised)

Offering timeframes is a pretty standard thing when dealing with most wait periods and claiming that there’s no consistency on our end based on self created timeframes isn’t really accurate.


I do understand where you’re coming from with the statement in general on your end, just trying to provide some context in the specific case of these approximate wait times that we provide.

All that being said, I do also hope that your withdrawal is approved soon and you don’t have to wait much longer obviously.

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So just to be clear I cannot initiate another Bitcoin withdraw until the pending transaction has been processed?

This is correct.