My Free Spins Experience!

This is the approx the 40th time overall that I’ve won $0 on a bonus round! This one hurt more than the others though because it was the only bonus I saw in a span of 700 spins. Before ignition I had never in my life seen a bonus game pay $0. How can it be so incredibly hard sometimes to get a bonus and then win $0? :rage:


Try 400 spins and zero bonus spins or free spins. Sometimes I believe this shit is rigged.


We understand the frustration you may feel when it seems like winning is eluding you. This is a common experience that we all face in various aspects of life. We hope you have an incredible winning streak soon.

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While I appreciate your words of wisdom and the new title you gave my post :wink: , I’m not talking about just losing. That’s a part of gambling and life as you mentioned . I’m well aware there’s going to be some ups and downs.

What I’m referring to is the way i lose here sometimes. These are not just normal “losing streaks”. They are unmatched by any other slot I’ve ever played. It’s like the slots just get turned off. It really is like there’s a kill switch or something. This has also been mentioned by several other players here over the last year or two.

Of course you’re going to lose more than you win especially while playing slots. But why does your RNG consistently produce streaks of 50-100 spins without a single profiting spin? How is it possible to go 40-50 spins without any kind of win? How does your RNG produce bonus rounds where you win $0? I have never in my life played any slot anywhere in the world where these have occurred. Never once. It’s happened to me dozens of times here.

Listen, obviously I know it’s gambling and I don’t expect to win everytime. In fact I expect to lose every time I deposit. . But to go through $219 in a span of 252 $1 spins, or Hitting bonuses after 800-1200 spins and winning $0, or Going 2500 spins without a single bonus are all remarkably bad stats. These things don’t happen on a regular basis at other casinos like the way they do here. The fact is your RNG produces the worst “losing streaks” in the industry.

Ultimately it’s my choice to stay and no one is forcing to me continue to play here. So instead of whining all the time about what I feel is questionable RNG I should just walk away but clearly I’m a degen. I do love the games ignition offers and when I can pull together enough funds for a withdrawal it’s definitely quicker than any other online casino.

You know what would put my mind at ease is providing a certificate of RNG verification. Other online casinos provide this and name the independent third party company that tests the rng for legitimacy or manipulation. You have a link on your page and all it does is take you another page that has a paragraph stating that you use the best industry standards. There’s no actual proof there. It’s just your word. And I’m not talking about your gaming license. I’m talking about the actual testing of your RNG.

Sorry for the novel but these are just some things on my mind that have really been bothering me here lately.


Sometimes if you change your betting structure they change up. I think it’s just a timing thing and also in my opinion it just could have been the vibe of that day who knows the next day could be a whole different vibe and work out great for you.


Completely agree with you on this. I call it “the switch”. When it’s flipped for you, you gotta take advantage of it, because it’s almost as if you can’t lose. But then every other normal day when your switch is off, be prepared to get raped.

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It’s crazy how the losing streaks are here. No other site is like it. I’ve been on a losing streak for what seems like a year or more. You use to be able to win even if just a little every so often then it just stopped. It’s no longer fun here. Is sad but onto the next new place!


This place has the worst losing streaks out of all the places I play. Its insane. Im getting absolutely murdered lately. The doom switch has definetly been engaged for my account. Im down 6k in the last 30 days, down 30k in the last year and half, and literally cant hit a damn thing. Every deposit is gone in a matter of minutes. Its not even fun anymore. There are no ups and downs, just straight to zero. I make a deposit everyday, sometimes multiple times a day and I cant even get a no deposit bonus here. The other main site was giving me $100 no deposit bonuses almost daily when I was down this much. No appreciation for loyal, consistent depositing players.

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Its really not that bad my guy you just gotta switch up the games i know for a fact ots not rigged i been pissed off just like you because i was losing then another day i winning poker tournaments i placed 1st the other day then 5th 10th last week 3 diffrent times i been sitting on the neon lights tables so i kniw rhe poker is atleast legit the slots are fun but trust me just like a scratch off theres only gonna be 3 days out the month ypu actually scratch a winner unless your playing a game that has alittle strategie blackjack tri card poker and the tournaments maybe if you give good feed back they might hook you up with some free spins or a free 50$ chip playing on the live dealer tables try keep a positive attitude dont let this sh$$ ecome a issue or addiction then you find your a$$ in the grocery store wondering why you can onlt afford the lucky charms and not the dam frosted flakes either cuz your account only down to the last dollar and you hope your gonna roll over a 9 to collect 3 more huh keep it at over 5 and work on getting your change up then join a sit n go and collect 10$ on the 2$ spin good luck my brother my sister my cousin my bm dad mom kids play smart quantum mechanics god bless

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It can be brutal. That game is hot when its hot, and ice cold when its not. Sorry man, sounds like lot of us here have similar stories… :neutral_face: