Need Some Love For God Sake

Need Some Love For God Sake!!! Not one slot I have played over the past week has been even half way fun. Seems odd. Going to give it one more shot but this is my last go. If not one of these slots has any live I will definitely know something is up. Wish me luck. Jackpot here I come!!!

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I feel ya on this. No love on the slots for a while now. I have told myself, “I’ll give it one more shot” a hundred times, and regret it every time. Good luck


I can’t lie I’ve actually had a lot of luck lately and have hit several epic wins in the last two weeks. My only problem is knowing when to walk away. But lately it’s felt like the ignition of the past. I’ve been able to deposit $100 and play for hours.

Now as soon as I’m stupid and switch to Bj it’s gone within seconds. Hopefully the run continues but I’m fully expecting it turn on me real soon. I haven’t ran like this in over a year.

With that being said I’m still down the last month. Just only a couple hundred instead of the usual $3-4K lol

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Yeah I opened my mouth too soon lol. Just deposited $300. All $.40-$1 spins. Gone within 45 min. No bonuses on cyber punk. Biggest win was 5.25x wager. No free spin bonuses on XL Wheel. Hit two wheel bonuses and both paid 10x wager. Did have the usual 75 spins in a row with no win over 3x wager smh

I take back my previous post. I hate it here lmao


Ouch!!! Sorry buddy

Yea, I’ve tried to refrain from saying anything too negative on the forums here. But lately Ignition has certainly changed. The games do not even tease you with winnings anymore. It’s a sad state of affairs. I’m not gong to go into conspiracy theories about things like “the lose switch” etc, or Ignition algorithms based on certain deposit history and game play and whatnot - the thing that resounds above anything is that it has ceased to be a FUN experience whatsoever. And that’s just the plain fact-of-the-matter for most peoples experiences on here. I mean, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and you’ve got loads of people saying that it is a duck…well, there’s probably something up. Which is sad. I will say mods have always been responsive and attentive, which is great customer service, but Ignition is 100% not what it used to be - and it’s really a shame for everyone involved.


You are dead on with your post and I agree hundred percent.


I feel the same way nothing is paying when you ask for a bonus its no and if they give a tiny bonus after you have spent 600$ its pathetic. Im looking for a new place to play this casino is on a down hill run and its not slowing down!!!


I’ve never seen anything like what’s been going on with reels XL. In the last 3 days I’ve played about 1200 spins and have hit one free spin bonus and zero wheel bonuses. Clearly I know it’s possible to win. I’ve done it before but I’m definitely convinced that when they want you to lose they activate that kill switch.

If it was true RNG then how would it be possible to hit one bonus in over 1200 spins. I’ve never seen this game that cold. This site can be so frustrating sometimes. With that said I’m sure my dumbass will be back tomorrow lol


What denom were the spins

The majority of the spins were $.40-$1. Maybe 5 $5 spins, 20 $2 spins and 20 $.20 cent spins just to switch it up and try to wake the slots up. But I mainly play 5 games and all of them have been ICE COLD last 10 days for me.

I made another $250 deposit after I whined about it being cold and it was gone within 45 minutes betting $.40-$1 spins on 3 different games. We’ve talked about that kill switch before and the fact that I’m aware of it and continue to play when it’s this bad is moronic but that’s the degen in me I guess lol


We all do the same thing chasing the next dopamine rush. What are your 5 games


Cyber Punk, Wheels XL, 10X Vegas, Golden Buffalo and 777 Deluxe. If I’m up a decent amount or trying to rollover a bonus then I’ll try a couple others but for the most I just play those.

Hbu? Whats your go to games?

I didn’t even see you responded to me. My 5 are

Wheels XL
American Jet Set
Monster Manure

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I have won some and lost some but right now it’s the worst I’ve personally ever experienced. I definitely need to walk away for a little bit. I’ve made a ridiculous amount of deposits in the last 10 days and never once was I up more than $20.

It’s becoming a normal thing to go 60-80 spins in a row without a profiting spin. That’s insane!! I’ve seen only 2 free spin bonuses on wheelsXL in the last 6 days and I play that game everyday. That’s a span of 2000+ spins. I know all about losing. I’ve been doing it for years lol. I fully expect to lose when I deposit but lately I feel like I’m being straight up robbed.

Typical degenerate mentality of “well it’s gotta hit soon if it’s been this bad” keeps me coming back but I’m definitely taken a week or two off and hopefully things will be little different for me. GL to y’all


I’ve been having a terrible run on Golden Buffalo. Same as Chef, a lot of deposits and nothing but piddly payouts. I just dropped $1,000 and only hit two bonus spins that paid out nothing. And I haven’t had a Buffalo or Epic win in weeks. This site definitely goes through periods where they change their algorithms and pay out nothing, and now is one of those times. I also don’t believe people who drop into these forums and claim they’ve only been playing a short while but have hit huge 20k and 50k payouts. Let’s face it, people mainly come here to vent when they lose, not just drop in to brag about some huge, unexpected streak. I know it happens, but I don’t think many of those poeple are here posting, they’re in the games playing. With that said, I know it’s a gambling site. They do it to make money. Just wish I could get some love.

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Like the gambleholic I am I put another 1500 back in. This time I went back to counting my spins and the big wins and bonuses are definitely way lower than they were. It’s all about the spins. Over a certain amount you should be able to get some type of average number of bonus spins and big wins per x number of spins. Yes, you will have a string of wins and some long streaks of getting nothing, but it should average out. Like I said in an earlier post I kept track of my spins and bonus spins and big wins. For every 600 spins I made I was getting on average 5 big wins (big, mega, epic, or buffalo) and averaging a bonus spin about every 70 spins. That was months ago and I quit keeping track. Lately things seemed so bad I started keeping track again. This time over two 600 spins I had one with 5 bonus spins and 3 big wins and 1 mega win, and the other with only 4 bonus spins and a paltry 2 big wins. In addition to the 1000 spin session above I tracked above I also kept track of another 1,000-spin session with almost the same poor results. The 1,000 spin sessions I didn’t track in Excel, so give or take a bonus win, but the 600 spin sessions I did. So yes, the algorithms have been changed drastically for the worse. Anyone know a better casino site? I love Golden Buffalo, but this is just bleeding me.

Any luck on finding a BETTER site with similar games/layout and isn’t owned by the same people? This site/company sucks and has started ripping people off left and right. You can see the frustration of people in these forums and those are just the ones posting on here. I know gamblers hit losing streaks but it sure as hell seems like its non stop and just brutal. Plus the bonus spins are even garbage now. The thing we look forward to when we play when we play these games. I jump around on the amounts I bet probably like most of us do. So it kills me when I’m playing 777 deluxe and betting a dollar per spin. I’ll Get the bonus spins and win $11, $14, or no more than $30 bucks and its happening MORE AND MORE EVERYDAY.

You can tell this place has stopped caring about us and won’t care as long as they are still making money.