New rewards points

Question for Ignition.

Is there a reason why you ended the additonal top off reward points exactly 7 days ago without advanced notification?

The message 7 days ago could have been an advance notification to end the additional topoff or could have been in the same notifications with the new reward program starting June 29, 2022.

It’s a legitimate question since you are clearly giving 7 day advance notification for the new reward program. Why not for the additional topoff?

It’s not consistent with your customer commitment. One with and one without.

It is crystal clear, Ignition did not want to reward the additional topoff. I understand you have to make adjustments during difficult times and lower the point values, by telling us with a 7 day advanced notice is understandable. However, last weeks action ending the top off without advance notice is unacceptable.

Please let me know, why you are treating the two differently.


One of these is a detailed and explained program while the other was simply a surprise gift that was provided at random and had no actual details. Ultimately giving 7 days notice for something that isn’t guaranteed to be provided wouldn’t really be necessary in a sense. You may not have received anything within this timeframe anyways.

So the surprise gifts did not go out to your entire customer base? Or not everyone could qualify for the surprise gift? Then why did you have to end the additional topoff?

I dont understand why you would send out a company wide message on a surprise gift, if it wasnt important. Oviously, it was important enough to send the message, however, not important enough for a notification?

Plus decision to release the new progran today, you couldn’t wait 7 days? It looks very bad given the timing of the notifications.

I am just asking since its not consistent. It just opens up more questions.

The notification still needs to be addressed as players would still be asking for this in the future if there was nothing discussed. Also I am not sure what top off you keep referring to as this was a surprise gift. There was no specific top off that everyone was entitled to for a program that has no details.

I can provide this as feedback to the program team for sure, but ultimately had they stated this would be over in 7 days, and then just not provided anything for 7 days there would be no difference as there was nothing owed to players.

I am sorry for the misunderstanding, but im just going off what i received in my messages.

Either way the timing of these two messages were just confusing and terrible.

The notes state there will be no more top ups. Again, It does not state that these were owed to anyone. They are a surprise random issuance. Yes there were top ups that used to be provided, but I was more speaking in relation to the fact that you kept referring to an additional top off. There had never been a guaranteed issuance of this gift so there was no cancelled additional top off. This was random and not guaranteed.

I wasnt saying you owe anyone anything. Just wanted to know because of the timing of the two messages.

Simply, why send two messages for the exact same thing.

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By the way, you are 100% sure every customer was not affected by ending the additonal top up last week compare to this week?

I sure dont think so.

This screenshot does not really have any relation to the surprise gift.

Wow… cant you check my account for the deposit amount for June 14 and the 15th? $1,225 before ending the gifts and again you are sure, no one was affected? If that was the case i would of used the match bonus, i think i used it after i got the message, i think about it now.

You know… you’re right. My feedback doesnt really matter. All im saying as your customer advance notice would have been nice.

I dont think you understand what customer feedback means. You have all the right, however, at least listen to your customer feedback on why we are raising the concern in the first place.

You may not agree with it but you know, maybe for next time, youll think about sending an advance notice if it happens again.

Either way, its done.

The conversation is useless.

Wow, after seeing some of the deposit amounts people have put into their accounts here it makes me even more upset they took away cashback (rakeback) and continue to demolish an already pathetic rewards system…Ignition is raking in dumptrucks of cash every month and sweeping up any table scraps the players may get thru the rewards programs.
Another casino I only play at occasionally sends me free spins on slots, random deposits to my poker account, tourney tickets etc. on at least a bi-monthly basis. These are things I have never had to ask for…Ignition needs to ADD to its customer appreciation rewards as “extra” money for fun becomes increasingly more scarce for people due to the high cost of EVERYTHING these days…but it seems all companies follow the corporate greed code of conduct.

It appears to me the ignition casino does not value their customers whatsoever

Wow this guy’s playing dumb what a moderator that’s silly if he’s not going to be serious and I’m just wasting my time here