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Hello, how long can I expect a LTC withdraw to stay in the review process? @moderators

My last one was processed in 2 hours

Thanks for the heads up, I’m on 3 hours but was just curious… as I know disclaimer is 24 to 48 hours but from what I have seen on other posts often faster than that.

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Hi @The_Batman,

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It usually takes around 24-48 hours for a withdrawal to be completed by our Payments Team.

Is it pretty typical to take the full 24 to 48 hours, for a review and process? It seems like from some other posts it usually is much quicker than that. @moderators

@The_Batman The timeframes will always vary but most of the time are always within 24

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After the one is processed for LTC could I utilize a BCH withdraw and not have to wait the 3 days or is all crypto regardless of type only once every 3 days @moderators

@The_Batman Each crypto currency is subject to its own individual timeframe for processing. So you would be able to use another currency without having to wait.

Right so assuming the LTC withdraw processes today (which it should be as it’s 24 hours from request) then tomorrow I could utilize a BCH withdraw without having to be subject to 3 days in between withdraws

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@The_Batman Correct

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Is the deposit/withdraw page errors from this morning going to affect the timeline for withdraws already “in review”?

Nope, no affect and it that’s been fixed now