No more no deposit bonuses

Very frustrated. I am a diamond vip player and use to be able to ask for no deposit bonuses, but the last few days I’m being told none are available. Regardless that I’ve depsoited over $1200 in the last 3 days $7500 in the last 30. I am told that I have to use the crypto bonus in my account. I give up. I’ve been using match play (paypal). This is making me not want anymore at Ignition. Where else do you play?

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I thought it was just me,

No…I refuse to deposit anything else. Hell it took 3 or 4 requests before an agent finally explained why.

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I have played for years here. I am maxed on reward level with diamond (2,600,000) life time miles and monthly deposits of 150k. 400k being most ever in one month. I would get free bonues and comps at a fair rate. Now today? 7-4-22. Iv been told im not eligible for the 3rd time. I think i will be leaving soon. No customer appreciation


If you have available bonuses in your account you would not be considered for any exception bonus until these were used.

Exactly . Been here for six years and can tell the appreciation and value of customers has hit the floor this past month or two. They lost their ass when converting everything to crypto / and or paid a huge ransom to end the cyber attacks and now they’re going to drive away masses of long term high wagering customers to re coup some losses . Haha genius business plan !

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My only bonuses were crypto bonuses and unfortunately I was using match play deposits. This new policy is frustrating…but if thats how Ignition is doing it now I understand, I just hope Ignition understand it doesn’t work for me and I will try anyother site elsewhere. Although I’m sure I’m not Ignitions best customer, I’m also sure I am/was a good one (13,209,715 lifetime miles). Thanks anyway.

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Yea ignition hardly give promo and non deposit bonus anymore