No more random points drops? other casinos?

I just received the email about no more random points drops, whats next no more miles? i dont feel like ignition cares about there high paying players, Time to start looking to find another place, iv spent alot of money here in the last 2 years , not sure how much , I’m at 59952025 life time miles to give ya an idea , I’m looking for another place to play. I get far better perks in vegas, and hopfully theres some where online, does any one know of a trust worthy casino that actully cares about there VIPS? please DM me i think its against the rules to promote other sites on here…

Mods, I think this post is with in the rules, if not i apologize and please remove it if you wish.

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Same here…you spend 1k and get a 25 dollar bonus…u have any poker outage or disconnection its always the players fault …even when their software was down for that very reason…3 card poker game play is enough to make any decent gambler die laughing then puke…if u ever have 10 high hand fold cuz it always loses lol…eveytime you have pocket pairs in poker sit n go’s best believe someone else does not yo mention chance of winning and ur cards are based on what lvl of player u are…u disconnect when ur on hot streaks to cool u and change ur gsmeplay…quite literally a Huge joke!!!