No Rewards Freeroll Tickets?

I missed last weeks $2500 Rewards Freeroll because I had not received a ticket for it. I have not received on for this week’s freeroll either; historically they have been distributed on Fridays. What is going on?

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last weeks ticket was issued on Friday 30th which is in your account, the week before that was on the 23rd which will have now expired.

If it was issued on the 23rd, it must somehow have expired before the 29th, because it was not there last Thursday when I was setting up to register for the freeroll.

I just checked, and, yes, I have a ticket for tomorrow’s freeroll. I repeat, I did NOT have one on hand last week.

Looking at your account it does look as if it was issued. But we can’t really check anymore than that at this time as they get removed from the system. Moving forward if you have an issue with them not issued contact us as soon as you can so we can take a look while the ticket is still live.

Mine are showing up in the bonus section to be redeemed. I hadn’t noticed before, just that I wasn’t getting tickets. I stumbled on the bonus section to check rewards, and lucky enough to redeem ticket.

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Don’t have one either.

They are available in bonus section between Friday and Monday. Expire for redemption on Monday (I think, nothing to look at right now). They should show up tomorrow.

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I am having the same problem. I was getting them weekly, and now I haven’t gotten any for the past couple weeks. I only noticed last week because I was traveling outside permitted areas so I hadn’t been playing.

Looking at my Ticket History (on the My Poker tab), it shows the last ticket I received expired Jul 22, 2021.

@Berferd this is now issued. If you do not receive them in future please let somebody now.


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I’m having a similar issue now. It’s happened twice in the past 3 weeks (no, yes, no this week).

Originally they immediately showed when I went to register for the tournament. Like I’d just see the tournament, and it would show I had a ticket for it.

Is there a new intermediate step I need to do to claim my ticket now?

@Pooterdonk This is in your account now, they should be issued on Fridays, so if you don’t receive one let us know.

Yeah. I initially checked about 20 minutes ago, and it wouldn’t let me register. Tried logging out and logging back in and still didn’t see it.

It’s there now, though. Thanks, Davy.

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I haven’t seen any free roll tickets in 3 weeks. It used to be that I could automatically just register up until tournament time now it tells me I don’t have the ticket. Any help would be appreciated.

@MattyJM That should be in your account now.

It’s tournament time, and once again I have no ticket.

Your system is broken. Fix it.

No ticket in my account. You have ten minutes to fix it.

@PokerShaman you have one now. Tickets are issued every Friday. If you don’t have one on by the end of day on Fridays I recommend contacting us on that date

“Your system is broken.”

I have to agree with this. Something that used to happened automatically is now requiring a manual step. I did not receive a ticket this past Friday.