Not huge but unbelievably lucky

• What are your initials?

• How long have you been with us?

• What was your winning game and amount?
Video poker. Deuces wild, total amount $2000
Had $20 left betting $1.25 and hit 4 deuces w/ ace for $500. VERY next hand hit 4 deuces for $250 and 15 spins later came the good ol’ royal flush for 1k. Played a little more and hit 3 hands of 5 of a kind aces before getting off for the night. Never seen all 3 jackpot hands hit so close together. I’m still down thousands obviously but thought this was pretty rare so I’d share. The odds to hit all three like this have to be astronomical.

• Was this your first big win online?
No. I won the crazy 8’s 18k Guarantee once and lucky 7s twice as well as a few other final tables. No slot wins though and this wasn’t huge but definitely the luckiest “slot” type game hit in recent times for me.

• How will you be spoiling yourself with your winnings?

I’ll probably just leave it on here to fund my poker addiction for the next couple months and slowly give it back… or get lucky again. Who knows. Good luck to anyone reading this!