Not Paid on Roulette hit

After many emails back and forth I’m sent here, with screenshots of a 10.00 bet on 22 that was not paid.

350 dollars, email support says try again?


Ball sitting in 22

This was live dealer it appears, did you make a ticket with the actual table or pit boss?

I’ve tried, no response. Went the email route. Was directed to the forum. I honestly do not know what to do but the run around seems like there will be no resolution.

We will get this escalated and try to have some details within 24-48 hours, that being said the screenshot you’ve shown above does seem to show that the ball landed in the pocket next to 22. Also, in the first screenshot the ball isn’t centred and looks like it is still moving to some degree. If the result on our end shows as 34 this would seem to make sense.

We shall see, I guess the round ID will tell.


On review here it does seem to be that the outcome was 12. That isn’t 34 but in reality these screenshots you’ve provided are not really anything that we can use to dispute this with the live dealer third party. The first one as stated shows a ball that isn’t settled, and the second one is very hard to actually confirm.

Note that the numbers you can see don’t seem to match the wheel you show in the first picture though. The only real visible numbers seem to be 20 next to 33 which are only 2 spaces from where the ball appears to be. If you look at the first screenshot 2-3 spaces to the left or right of 22 does not match this.

Yea I timed these from my phone and used photoshop, okay man.

While that’s not true, nothing would be done if I was proven correct either, or to check the previous spin.

So long ignition it hasn’t been fun.

Did you win anything? If it did land on 12 that would’ve won as well although not as much I’m guessing. It doesn’t seem as likely to land on 12 because it would have to travel all the way around again but 32 is just a couple spaces away… did they say 32, you said and seen 22 and now they say 12? Just curious…

No one stated that you doctored these, they simply don’t really add up when comparing them. The player did win on this bet an amount closer to $20.

The 34 simply came from my first review of the game board assuming that they matched up, as in the first screenshot 34 is next to 22. However, on further review it is clear that the first screenshot and second where the ball is are not the same area on the board.

Right because it’s in 22 in both photos

Nope, zero was paid. I’ll never use this service again, which I’m sure they don’t care about. You don’t have to scam many people out of 350.00 dollar wins to make some good money.

This is incorrect, you won $18 on the hand.

I would simply ask you to explain what I’ve stated above if this is the case. Where the ball is, is clearly not the same location in the second photo. Again in the 2nd screenshot the closest visible numbers are 20 and 33. The ball is to the left 3 spaces of these numbers. On your first screenshot more then 3 spaces are visible left and right.

I really don’t know what you think you see in the second photo, the ball is in 22 if you look left 5 spaces is 20. Are you referring to a euro board or something? The ball is in 22.

Why don’t you check the previous roll or post roll if the game ID doesn’t line up.

Saying oh actually the ball landed in 12 across the board shows how incorrect this is. The ball went around the board to the other side magically and I was able to see it in 22 via 2 separate screenshots and screens.

I did believe that red number was 33 but it is possible that it is 32 as much of the screenshot is unclear. We’ll PM you.