Once again hames are frozen

This is ridiculous once again the games are frozen and i can barley log on WHAT IS GOING ON

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We are not seeing any reports last night of widespread issues, is this still happening?

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No it stopped

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Can someone please look into samurai path its been frozen for me like over a month i was on a bonus spins when it happened

We’ll send you a pm

I tried for 2 hours to log on this afternoon with no luck…Ignition use to be my favorite, not so much anymore. And the fact that you can’t get no deposit bonuses…wow…goodbye Ignition

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I’m unable to log in

I have spent the last 2 hours trying to get load in screen to come up and it isn’t

Oh i have big big big issues with this going oniv lost hella big money i hit on reels and wheels at 20 a bet 12 freespins for hitting the 3 bounces it froze i then proseed to reload nothing there oh it gets even more better follow me and u will see iv had issues about 2 months now and get no respone even got proof and witnesses that seen it

I’ve checked your spins for the last 2 days and can see nothing that is incomplete, all spins appear to have played out correctly.
If you have screenshots please send them via PM to moderators and we can look into it further for you