Player to player transfer. Need help

Hi, cctrader19 & I (jhyarnell1989) are attempting to complete a player to player transfer of $25. When we were at the final step, transferring the funds. He received an error message he’d never seen before. On my end, I also saw the message notification pop up multiple times. Showing he was attempting to send the $, but the message never came all the way thru. How can we or why can’t we complete the player transfer?

What was the error notification message

The error was “The player cannot receive transfers at the moment”

A moderator could have that changed right away for you. They would just have to enable the player to receive

Please do

Please let us know if this is still an issue and we can look into it for you, just as a heads up if you do have a similar issue again you can make a voucher instead of doing a PT.

I have this issue perpetually for years. I can send funds via player transfer but whenever someone tries sending me funds it says this player cannot receive funds at the moment or something similar to that

Could you investigate my player transfer issue if you find some free time? I would definitely appreciate it very much so.

@MadCityBlazer please try again and let us know if you need further help.

Im also having that same issue. Can someone please take a look at my account as well? Thanks

I’ll take a look now for you

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Thank you

@Caramirez0718 That should be ok now, let us know if you have any issues.

Okay thank you. I’ll try again

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Thank you, i will when I’m able.

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