Practice play not working

Out if topic but this site seems like they don’t want me to play here any more. They’re starting to de-activate my practice mode… This is the Thanks I get for depositing thousands of dollars into yaw??

Get this page whenever I try to play a game being logged off…

We do have practice mode.
It hasn’t changed.
I would suggest logging out and clearing cache and cookies

This is practice play.

That looks like you’re playing on PC… I’m using my cell phone and I’ve logged off clear cache and history and it still shows up

This is what it looks like when I switch to desktop mode on my cell phone… Same old same old… This is ridiculous

Can you please try different browser? A Chrome for example.

You’re either visiting a country or state that Ignition isn’t allowed in, or your location that you used when you signed up is no longer allowed to have ignition operate, according to that page.