Probably another thread about Withdrawls

Hello friends!

For some inexplicable reason I’ve had some success here, and would like to withdraw some money for fancy pants adventurey things.

However, having previously withdrawn to Blockchain, I’ve had some issues, and thus, have some questions.

  1. Within BlockChain, what is the easiest way to get money from there, to cash, to my bank account? Per some feedback I received from blockchain, ACH withdrawls are not allowed in Illinois (where I am). Even if I could, it also appears the minimum withdrawal is $1000 dollars. Does that track for everyone else? If not, what method do you use to go from Blockchain to Bank account?

  2. Are vouchers the better option? I’m a big wary of player-to-player anything just due to the risk of scaming. Has anyone ever had luck with them?

  3. What do you suggest as the quickest way to go from Ignition to Bank account? The wire transfer fee of $100 seems like…a lot, but if it’s the easiest I might bite the bullet if I make enough money!



You should not be directly transferring to site from software used to deposit.

Open account with Coinbase. They will ID verify. Use BCH if available, fees much lower. After coinbase set up, withdraw to block chain. After received by blockchain, send to coinbase. Can switch monies to USD, and withdraw to bank account. When want to deposit, go opposite direction, coinbase to blockchain to site.

I used exodus for my wallet and cash app for purchasing and converting. Im not sure on how fees compare but exodus did seem a liitle pricey. Ignition>exodus>cashapp>bank account. Cash app also offers a free cash card u can custom design that works about anywhere and free in most places.