Problems not solved

I am absolutely sick and tired of playing a bot ring in low stakes jackpot sit n go’s. 90% of my opponents play the exact same way and they are on 24 hours a day no matter what time i log on. You might say well it should be easy to adapt and crush them, well Artificial Intelligence has advanced significantly when it comes to poker including those who cheat and run bots and use Real Time Assistance. I’ve been a winning player every year on this site for a decade and am still beating this format with these “types” of opponents but they will clean out if they already haven’t your average to good player with no problem.

Bovada/Ignition says botting is against their TOS yet for years they do absolutely nothing about it. I’m sure this post will get deleted as my last one did regarding this subject but i don’t care. We pay rake to them, they make a boatload of money off us day after day year after year it’s their job to provide us with a FAIR game. The site is anonymous so it’s even harder for us legit players to catch those who are cheating. I can and have provided links to them of these botting sites and their forums and their twitter account where they boast how “safe it is” to run a bot on bovada/ignition and they’ve done absolutely nothing about it for years. They tell you do not run one of their bots on pokerstars because you will be caught and your funds will be seized, so Bovada/Ignition can definitely rid their site of all of them. Question is are they either just that incompetent or do they not care if accounts are botting as long as they’re collecting their rake? Sadly my guess is the latter. I hope things drastically change but i doubt it

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