Problems with the Crypto Depositor's Free Roll

I’ve been playing poker here for about 2 years. I’ve always used Crypto and always make a deposit every week in order to get the ticket to the Crypto Depositor’s Freeroll. For the last 2 weeks I have not been granted a ticket even though I have deposited multiple times. Now, every time someone says this in the form, some Admin answers like “You have to deposit $20”. I already know this and I always deposit >$20 because of this. I made multiple deposits > $20 this week and last week, but I did not receive a ticket to the Crypto Depositor’s Freeroll last week or this week. I contacted customer service both weeks. Last week, the agent was understanding and granted me my ticket. However, this week the agent gave me a run-around, wasted 30 minutes of my time before finally saying he was going to grant my ticket, then never granted my ticket.

Really guys, what the heck is going on over there?

It seems to be added for you now.

Thank you @Foster

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