Progressive Jackpots - Week ending Sep 5

Hi everyone, below are the progressive wins for last week.

Progressive Jackpots
Game Reels and Wheels XL
Bet Amount USD 0.40
Date and Time 8/30/2021 22:55
Win Amount 399,231.38 (USD)
Game Cyberpunk City
Bet Amount USD 10.00
Date and Time 9/3/2021 19:14
Win Amount 119,927.81 (USD)
Game Reels and Wheels
Bet Amount USD 4.00
Date and Time 9/4/2021 16:34
Win Amount 196,119.23 (USD)

That reels and wheels hit for just shy of 1,000,000x is simply mind blowing. On a side note many thanks for taking the time to provide us with these reports.