Random question about "random" bonus'

By chance are there any like “random” free spins bonus’ or survey bonus’ ? Thanks in advance for your time !!

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There are random reward point drops, these are sent out by the marketing team who credit reward points into accounts.

What they mean to say is they implemented their once done away with cash ack system as a “random reward point drop” so that they would not have to explain how you only get cashback if you have an overall loss with this casino and I do mean overall. If you tally everything up you’ve ever deposited and if your withdrawals = $1 more you will not receive any “random” drops.

Cashback is on losses, so i think it would be safe to assume reward drops are too, although we don’t have any specific details.

Exactly right on this, it’s to not have transparency like they did on the guaranteed 10% back on losses with the previous program. Now they can instead hide behind a ‘random unknown calculation’ with ‘no specific details’ as the moderator just said…in other words it’s essentially now at the discretion of the marketing team to keep more of the player $ in their pockets at their convenience.

  • I think it’s just for new players - I use to get it weekly when I first started (after losses) and then it stopped. My deposits remained relatively the same and I had to go to live chat to get the “random” rewards and I did that every week until that method stopped working too lol. Then My deposits got lower Bc I hoed myself to the site with highest deposit match bonuses and or better promotions and I’m not sure how Ignitions recent changes will affect this but Ignition STILL remains at the top as far as perks compared to other poker/casino sites and that’s with or without “random rewards” betmgm &wsop have greater daily perks but not same level as far as the matching, frequency and simplicity of attaining deposit bonuses. Customer Service is top tier in any industry although I think they changed to another third party to handle recently. Every site will have pros and cons but this site does hook players up and the platform is good. Traffic is the best of em all and I’ve played them all.