Reaching Diamond level

Is there no acknowledgement for reaching the diamond level? Do I just pat myself on the back and say job well done, or is this like joining a club for the shamed?

I just reached diamond level and reached out to CS chat and asked if I could get some free play. All I can say is don’t expect a lot. I can’t say ecactly what I got due to Terms and conditions of the forum.

I feel like the higher level I reach the less bonuses I get. I play ALot and I got weekly gifts more and higher amounts when I played less. I’m so over this site

Man I just talked to the chat moderator and it was downright insulting. Slow responses, no knowledge of the casino, and chose to copy and paste the website as responses. Asked if there was anything I might be able to receive, and just silence. Wasted 30 minutes of my life……. That chat moderator has to go.

It means crap