Reels and Wheels XL possible missed payout

Hi, I was playing RW XL yesterday and won some free spins. On the last free spin there was what I thought was a winning combo, but no payout. I have no screenshot and it wasn’t a large denomination, nor would it have been a big payout…so no sleep has been lost over it, but I am curious how this is handled and if Ignition has a way to audit and look into it?

Had this of been something more that would be bad, assuming it was indeed a winning combo in the first place. :slight_smile:

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Sorry to hear about the issue. If you could provide date and time (EST), spin amount, account balance and couple of screenshot we can look into this for you.

Thanks for the reply Nicolas, but I don’t have a screen shot. Based on your questions I’ll know what to gather if it happens again. It wasn’t much, so no worries.

actually, nvm. I just reviewed the pay table and what I was expecting to be a hit, is not. My bad. :frowning:

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