Reels & Wheels Jackpot Wheel

Firstly, I don’t expect to get an answer on this from Ignition, but I am posting this in the hopes that others can share their experiences and maybe collectively we might be able to come to some sort of consensus on whether it may be fact or purely speculative.

So, my question is…

Do the chances of landing on the “Jackpot” space in the “wheel” bonus vary depending on your bet sizing?

I know it is entirely possible to hit a jackpot betting less than $5/spin, as I’ve seen reports from winners on this forum and even a buddy of mine has hit jackpots betting less than $5/spin. But, I find it extraordinarily peculiar that I could go so long without ever landing on “jackpot”, but then when I increase my bet I’m landing on it fairly frequently.

I’ve played many many hours and many more dollars chasing the jackpot on Reels & Wheels XL. Historically, I’ve only ever bet as high as $2/spin. In previous experiences playing this game, I must’ve gotten to the “Wheel” bonus round hundreds of times. And not one single time had I ever landed on the “jackpot” space.

Fast forward to past two days. I hit a pretty big win on Golden Buffalo and with my account well nourished, I decided to head on over to Reels & Wheels XL to try and hit that $500K jackpot. As mentioned before, I have played the game a ton, but have never bet more than $2 and have never once landed on the “jackpot” space on the wheel. In my most recent sessions, however, I went to the game with significantly more funds and upped my bets to $5 - $10. In two separate sessions, I managed to land on the “jackpot” 5 times yesterday, and 2 times today.

Is my experience just some massive coincidence or is it true that chances of landing on “jackpot” vary depending on bet sizing?

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Same for me, I’ve hit jackpot 5 times while playing $5 within 2 days, but was always mini or minor. Also I’ve hit a $2 spin jackpot one time since I’ve played

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Well I can tell you from personal experience that I’ve played that slot an unbelievable amount and since it debuted on the site. I have only hit the jackpot wheel one time and it was very humorous at that because somebody must have won it literally the second before I hit it because I got awarded a whole $23 for the mini jackpot when it was showing that it was like 211 and I’ve never really been more than $5 a spin but from what I can tell yes the jackpot will depends on your bet size. someone in another post stated that if you bet $40 a spin you almost land on the the jackpot every single time you get the wheel bonus

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This site has gone wayyyy down hill.


I play that game quite a bit ($1-$2 spins) and have never hit the jackpot wheel. Hear about it and see posts about it but yet to experience it myself :frowning: lol

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Why haven’t I been able to play Reels & Wheels XL

About a week or 2 ago, reels and wheels XL was hot… like the good ole days. I usually play $5 to $10 bets. It has been cold for months, but for about a week, it was like the good ole days. I used $2 bets and hit jackpot twice and at $5, hit free spins several times, winning goid money. I cashed out over 5k over a few withdrawals, mostly from R&W XL… Now, it’s back to the bullshit. They can say it’s random or whatever the hell they want… have lost $400 to $500 today, and most of my withdrawals, I played back, at my own risk, but cant even hit any bonus…i have hit the first 2 bonus triggers, but no free spins or wheel landed. MANY MANY MANY TIMES…NO BONUS…NO DOUBT, it it either a different version, or the game is set not to hit. I dont pretend to know the answer, but i do play games at real casinos, and have played this enough to know, this shit isn’t right and the fix is in. I know gambling is a risk, but this is BS… great idea on there end… let us win some money, and then rig the game, or make it impossible to hit anything. I have played this game for months and months and there is no doubt in my mind that there are different versions, or its rigged. Going to spend my money at a real casino where i at least have a chance.

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Ya im 100% sure it depends on bet size. I once won a bunch of money to where i bet tried to retire as a millionaire betting $100 and $200. Previously i would be a broke guy betting 20c 40c but really $1 or $2 bucks. $5 if i was super ahead. I probably spun few thousands times at lower doms but like every $100 bet was jackpot real. Which…i would get the minor for like $120 bucks. Long story short. I won the jackpot on 777 betting $2 bucks. Just my expierance!

I hit jackpot and they said I didn’t. :confused:

Didn’t clear your cache and cookies, obviously

I can’t win anything. I keep depositing and haven’t won anything over 50 dollars smh . I think I’m done with this site.


Note that this doesn’t necessarily prove that you hit a jackpot for a number of reasons I’m afraid. One, this could easily be a wheel still in movement as there’s no payout on the screenshot as of yet.

Second, it’s definitely possible and has happened where the wheel simply get stuck visually if disconnected. The game if completed correctly would have paid out something obviously. Also can you clarify who stated you didn’t hit a jackpot, we don’t see any recent interactions on our end.

When was this and can you provide us more specific details as to when this happened?

If it paid out something that wasn’t a jackpot it’s likely as simply as your visual display getting stuck. We need specifics to review what the actual payout and what you hit in the system.

I’ve hit the bonus wheel betting $.50 a spin for $250 on my 4th spin and I’ve also dumped $120+ in $.50 spins not to get a single bonus wheel on that game. I’ve also had days where I get them ever 15-20 spins at $.50 but those are never more than $10-15 wins

Good question. I haven’t been able to play it at least 3 days. It just gets stuck on the initial loading page.