Reels & Wheels XL Rasin

Got cheated on Reels&wheels XL Rasin

This a bummer but I have to post this. Last night I was playing Reels & Wheels XL which I always play and a very loyal customer. I hit the wheel with $40 bet, the game reset which surprisingly happens often, but this time it did not take me to the wheel with $40, but back to $2 restarted from scratch. It sucked everything out of me. I am so disappointed because I usually only play $5 bets. I’m sure they will say can you share a screenshot or make up some excuse to make my complaint go away, but that is not right.

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It’s very strange how almost every time I hit the wheel now the game resets and reboots. 98% of the time it goes right back to the wheel but occasionally the game just disappears and l have to go thru hoops trying to recover an open spin. I still have a $2 wheel bonus that hit and that I was never able to recover but I got no where with support.

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I’m sorry to hear about that. I believe CS team has already helped you with this. We need to wait for the resolution.

Just curious what was the final outcome w/o discussion of money? Was he credited a re bonus spin