Roller coaster of a month

So, 28 out of last 31 days have been absolutely horrible. I went a span of 3400 spins on wheels with only 4 bonuses. Not sure how that’s possible lol but when the kill switch is activated damn it’s really hard to win here. I also went a span of 27 deposits in 19 days that were between $100-200 without being up more than $20 at any given time. I had 5 of those deposits that lasted about 15 min betting $.40-$1 spins.

I will admit though that the other 3 days were amazing and made up for the entire month. The slots have been extremely hot or extremely cold for me, no in between. I was up $3200 in a span of 12 hours and then lost all of it and another $1300 over a 3 week span and now I’m up $4600. The last 3 days I’ve been the hottest I’ve ever seen the machines. I’ve won over $6k in the last 48 hrs. I did play about 20 $5 spins on wheels and one hit big but other than that it’s all been on $.40-$2 spins. Now I just need to be smart and walk away for a bit. :joy:

I wish you all the best of luck and hopefully things turn around for those of you that are on a bad run like I’ve been.


SORRY for sharing this here since this are AMAZING WINS but Im looking for HOLD and SPIN machines like OASIS which is listed here at IGNITION but don’t know others @moderators ANY ONE KNOWS ANY ?

Heres are some I know elses where and others here at ignition:

AND THIS OTHERS OUTSIDE IGNITION but I need to find more with this feature:

I have had the most horrible run as of late myself. Congratulations! Hopefully my turn around is coming.How about a small loan to start my come back? Lol! buddy_burgess