Same Bitcoin Address

I use coinbase wallet for withdrawals on ignotion now. You can only withdraw one time with the receivig address i provide right…how can i make another receiving address to same crypto currency? Theres a limit of crypto currencys types to use. Cant i keep using bitcoin for example to withdraw?? I need a new receiving address and dont know how to get it or if its possible. Help anyone?

Hi there, we don’t recommend withdrawing funds from our site directly to coinbase we always advise the user to use a wallet such as blockchain or Exodus, and each time you select to receive or request on the wallet to receive funds you will automatically get a new crypto address.

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You can take a look here of the different wallets we recommend and the step.

You should be able to generate a new address each time. Click this button on the top right

Use PayPal they will literately give you a new address every single time to click on receive. So when this place tries to get shady “like when you withdraw lately it will say error” then you try again and it says same address. This happens a lot lately so I had to get creative. And PayPal is the only way to go since they issue you a new bitcoin address every time.

Hey, I found out the best way 2 change out your crypto address is with trust wallet. I’ve never had a problem with them. I have never locked out like PayPal and Cash App. You can have 10 wallets at a time and for payouts, you can delete that wallet and add a new one after you have used the addresses once for a withdrawal. So you can continuously get a new address when needed. It’s the sweetest deal around and you can buy crypto on there. And it’s a lot less invasive than coin base, and a lot of these mainstream wallets are government infiltrated wallets, LOL.