Satellite tickets not awarding proper tickets

I recently played the $5.50 Satellite to the $3,999guaranteed PLO H/L niner tournament and won a $33 ticket. The ticket shows up in my account, but I am unable to use it to register for the $3,999 guaranteed PLO H/L tourney or any $30+$3 tournament.
Is this happening to anyone else? The ticket shows up in my account, but the memo underneath says “no available tournament for this ticket”. email and chat support have not been helpful other than telling me that I won a ticket, but there are no tournaments that ticket is eligible for even though the $3,999 guaranteed PLO H/L runs every night.


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I had this exact same issue a few years ago and they fixed it for me, but who knows nowadays

I’ve added a replacement ticket for you

Me To. I have got two (2) $30 +$3 21:05 ET Tournament tickets that don’t allow me to register for the nightly $30 + $3 buy-in Omaha tournament at 21:05 ET. I have emailed “support” twice and have not gotten a response. Is this a known system problem? Should I stop entering the satellite tournament that awards these tickets since they are not allowing me to register for anything. What can I do to get these tickets activated?

These have been replaced for you.

Yes this happen to me about a week ago. I opened a chat and they had no clue they said i still have to pay for it. Then someone finally saw that there was an issue. They told me they will open a dispute and someone will reach out to me in 24 to 48 hrs. Its been 6 days and i still cannot use my 33+3 ticket. There are 0 issues with depositing money though, they make sure that works.

The ticket was raised, but sadly there are no updates yet @Vegascitystar

Its pretty simple the ticket is in my possession and I cannot use it. Why is this taking so long? I dont seem to be the only one with this issue. Im only asking for what i earned.

Customer Services will reach out to you once they have an update.

Still waiting for an update, you think they will get to it before my ticket expires on Jul 20th? I still cannot redeem my 33+3 ticket :roll_eyes:

I will take a look for you now

@Vegascitystar This has been sorted for you now.

Yes, the new ticket works now. thank you Davy!

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