Silver Level 'Benefits' Gone DRY

Anyone else experience this issue once “leveling-up” to Silver? You’d think the site would want to reward its users for time spent on the site, but if anything, the complete opposite’s proven true. Sorely missing the days when I was a new player on here and the benefits received actually amounted to SOMETHING…

Shame on me for for believing Ignition Casino is a genuinely fair and reputable site to play on rather than one merely exceptionally well-designed to string users along at first, only to screw them heavily via several nefarious means already well-documented on here (and even more so on Trustpilot) in the long-run.


I see I e been sitting at titanium. And I’m pretty sure it’s gone down. Like I have screen shots of it somewhere. May have to go find them …

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It seems to get worse the higher you go. 1.4M lifetime miles Titanium level here, and I have to beg for even a no deposit bonus, and usually get turned down. Bad business model…

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Over 2 mil miles here and they accuse me of cheating every time I make a withdraw. They have taken All my bonuses away under the guise of “bonus abuse” but never tell me what it is I did wrong. The last straw for me was them telling me they are going to seize any money I have/had in my account. You can tell it’s a form response because there is nothing left in my account anymore.

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Wtf see and they say. It’s fine :joy::rofl::joy:. Seems messed up to me! Anyone else think it’s not working right??

Same here!! Seems like once that sucker us in to using there site. They start to screw us over. Never overing any decent bonus or promotion!!! Think they need to understand the way to keep valued customers is to reward them with great promotions and bonus!!!

OMG haha that shirt

AndreaLB…for reasons I can’t understand or explain, I feel a deep connection and understanding with you…

Just being silly…not a stalker lol.

Lol That’s exactly what all stalkers say :joy:

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FFS people, stay on topic pls!! Check out my latest post in ‘transactions’ about a mysterious $50 transaction that’s in dyer need of accounting for. Feel free to provide me with any sort of feedback which might do something to persuade me this site is anything but pure theft, cause at this point frankly I ain’t convinced…:confused:

I’ve been a diamond level VIP for quite awhile and it doesn’t get better. If I deposit $300. through the day and lose it all I get told my account isn’t eligible for a bonus not even a deposit bonus. I guess I screwed up by making through the 35x bonus/ deposit requirements a time or two too many and cashing out on it probably didn’t help me either. All I know is depositing $5000.-$8000. per month doesn’t mean they will do anything for you.