Site glitches as soon as I buy in?

Hey! So the last 3 out of 5 jackpot sit n go I’ve bought into, as soon as I register, the site goes down and I try to refresh and it says gateway error or that im logged in on another device (I’m not) and then I end up loosing the entire thing! This last time I finally got back in just as I was loosing my last few chips in a tournament I didn’t even get to play! And it was a $20 buy in and $100 win tournament​:sob::sob: does this happen to anyone else? I can’t get an answer on chat!!!


Happens all the time on sister site. There is nothing wrong at all with any of their software or connections. It is all your fault and you should clear cache and cookies


@Bpope2607 Please give us the tournament numbers and we’ll check. I’d suggest to do some troubleshooting.

Yes happens to me every time. I have to log out clear my cache and then log back in after every two games at the most. Otherwise you will lose this connection and get blinded out.

Same here. Its ridiculous but if you log out and clear cache it does help. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do and you just have to reach out to a mod

I call support and tell him what happened with the tournament number and tell them I was blinded out. Then they issued me a new ticket. And a lot of times it has been on five times the money. So frustrating especially when you were ahead in the tournament and you are desperately trying to get back in. When you finally do get back in you’re blinded out you call. So you call support and they issue a new ticket of course but when you use that ticket it is for only two times and you wind up losing. I do like to play this game but I wish they would fix this issue as it has been going on for years

Absolutely all the time me and my girlfriend have this experience and we try to talk to the agents about this and they say its not on there end and it is our fault. I have experience that so many times that i can’t get my tickets back for the some i have paid for the $7, the $2 and haha yes the $0.50 buys ins. It not the amount its the principal of the matter i paid to play a game and i glitch out and it logs me out to the log in screen an it takes a while to even get back in to play. Like you said it takes you back in just to watch you lose you hand and you couldn’t play cause the games play for you. By the time you get to play its the last bet and you are all in and its done. Or at times getting back in and have less then half chips and the game is still playing for you an you press iam back button and you can’t play until your balance chip hits like 40 or 80 chips to play and by that time the person playing is pushing you all in no matter was and bullies you to Play and you lose. There are many poker players that do this on every game and that gets to be annoying as much as the logging out and the lagging out, refreshing the page dont help stay on the site don’t help without the refreshing it. But yes i have experienced this more often than i would like an i have been talking to the agents about this an they have been able to get me back a few games but not all of them. It would be nice that ignition casino would acknowledge the disconnection we reported and give back what we paid for. I take my money seriously especially when it comes to poker that i am paying out of my money i worked for. Never understood why i get blamed for the games log out lags the stuff that happened at the beginning of the poker games like almost all The time. An we get blamed for it. That’s not right they need a update to there poker and there site. Cause i see its not only me but others as well. So yes me and my girlfriend have been experiencing this on the poker tables and would like this casino to hear our voices on the matter of playing any games here especially the poker games. This is always happens to us poker players.

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You’re not alone. Similar issue for me but opposite. I play on my mobile using Chrome… crossing my fingers poker page will load to pkay. But my main issue is more often than not i get kicked out after finishing the tourney aand thena
sking me to sign ip register.,??