Site issues bonus

Im wondering why my friend got a inconveniences cash bonus for site issues and im told there no bonuses you guys aren’t offering for that reason. Thats a complete and utterly lie to my face when i have proof of the compensation my buddy received for that!! Makes no sense! Would like a explanation. Please!!!


My buddy got 20k points but I didn’t receive anything either… and he barely plays… currently trying to get in touch with support to ask them but I doubt i’ll get anything. havent even been able to get in touch with support the last 2 days.

:edit: i say that and then i actually do connect with support lol… i’ll update on how it goes.

and of course they didn’t do anything for me or explain why some people got it and others didnt. said they reported that there would be disconnections so I won’t get anything… like yeah dude… i know. but other people got the same “report” and DID receive comp… and i swear the customer service never listens. My friend saw the same warning, didn’t play yesterday, and hasn’t made a deposit in a week and still got comp. I made a $100 deposit a few days ago and they don’t want to give me anything… the logic of this site kills me.

@moderators could yall explain this to us.

If you were eligible then you would have received a player message, if you did receive this but no rewards please let us know.

I didn’t get a message but it doesn’t make sense why some people did qualify and others didn’t. Makes no sense at all.

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I’m afraid I don’t know the criteria

It sucks!!

I have 2 friends that received the message and bonus as well. One barely even plays. Hadn’t even logged into his account in 3 weeks. I deposit daily and have 8x the lifetime miles he has and I don’t get anything? How does that make sense?

You don’t see how that’s just a complete slap in the face to the people that play here daily!?!?! Man, y’all don’t even hide it anymore!! You really don’t give a damn about loyalty or appreciate the ones that deposit and play here everyday

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We totally understand how you feel; however we do send out bonuses at random, it shows that you currently have a bonus that can be redeemed.

So what about me? I don’t care what the amount is… just a show of appreciation for my loyalty is all i ask. And truth be told. No bs. Please :pray:! Saying that there’s no comps for issues is wrong. When its been given to select few.

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