Slot Game Issue/Problem

You can try over and over and on different browsers it won’t open. Three days and counting.

havent had that issue. I have played that game i think each of the days. As you mentioned different browser, i can only think that maybe try another network on a different machine or try phone.
sounds like you tried everything already, did it come back yet?

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It’s only on this game and no other which is odd.

That is strange. I have one game which I just can’t play on any mobile device (10 times vegas). I can play on computer.
Never experienced that issue. Hopefully it has been fixed. Does it also not work for you on mobile?

At least it got up to 53%, this is the ONLY game I have this issue with.

@freaksforum hey, I assume you already tried TS steps, right? Can you please tell when this issue occurred?

Issue started a week ago after the update and hasn’t changed. It’s the ONLY game I’ve tried to play that does this. All other games I’ve played work fine. Just this one, it is rather strange to say the least.

I’ve tried EVERYTHING !!!

Can you please provide the following information?

Mobile (yes/no):
Desktop (yes/no):
Operating System (OS):
Internet Service Provider (ISP):
Browser version:
Location Information: