Slots Disconnecting

Anyone else having issues with games constantly crashing? I’m literally unable to get in more than 3 spins in any slots.

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Yep, the website says certain users do not have access to the casino at this time. They are working to resolve the issue.

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Thank you!!

@moderators anyone know what’s going on? The games are just stopping after a few spins. No wins paying out. Please advise. Thanks

We apologize for the issues you experienced during your gameplay today. Our corresponding team is aware of the issue and is actively working to fix it.

Our games should be functioning properly now, but we get that some of you may still encounter errors or have stuck rounds from earlier. To make sure that each of you receives the necessary support for your individual case, please send us a private message with the details of the issue, including the date and time it occurred.

If your issue is time-sensitive and we’re not available at the time, we recommend contacting our customer service for immediate assistance.

Thank you for your understanding.