Slots Games Shown/Not Shown

Sooooooo I know there is a difference between Website/Mobile/App games for the casino that you can play. That is easy to understand some are available on different platforms while others are not.

I found a game to play from the casino tab on the home page with my phone browser. It was in the Trending Casino Games section. Played it loved it, thanks. I went to find it by scrolling the all view of the slots page as I always do out of habit before playing and it wasn’t listed but I could start typing what I remembered about the name of the game in search and it came up and I played it. It was also still listed on the same section when I went back to the casino tab.

So what’s up with that? Are there more games that some people can/can’t see in All View of slots? and where can I view all the games that are offered and on what platform I can play them?

So to confirm the question; the game wasn’t showing under ‘all games’ but showed up when you searched it?

Can you provide us with an example of a game and we’ll look into it for you?