Slow withdrawal process for crypto currency

I am new to this site but I am not new to online casinos and cryptocurrency. It literally takes minutes for most crypto currencies to be exchanged. Now granted, every once in a while. You get 4 or 5 hours or something like that, but not very often…most online casinos, especially if you are exclusively cryptocurrency only. Advertise withdrawals in 10 minute or less, and they deliver trust and believe that. This is the slowest I’ve ever had to wait with an online casino for crypto withdrawal. And I’m talking about silver oak, and wild cherry and every other online ghetto casinos. Most of the low end casinos make you bend over backwards to get your money. And I’ve gotten my money quicker from those places than from Ignition. I’m waiting on another cash out now, the last one took 40 hours… I feel like this is bovado on crack. That’s what this website or this platform feels like, From the horrible grammar, the long wait time to speak to customer service. And the slowest withdrawals I’ve dealt with in crypto currency casinos in over a year. I’m asking myself do I really want to gamble on Ignition? Tell me it gets better. Tell me this is a fluke and this doesn’t happen all the time… If you have to just lie to me like customer service and the supervisors did yesterday, LOL.

I hate to tell ya but it only seems to be going in the opposite direction. They used to be the best around when it came to how fast they paid out. Not anymore. I’ve also been waiting been waiting for 54 hours myself. Whats even crazier is that I cannot cancel the d@$# thing either. Why is that? It really makes the mind wander and since no one can give me an explanation aside from “we are working on it” then i have a couple of theories I think that could be happening. One is they simply dont have the money to pay everyone. This one is highly unlikely but with the way they are pushing away customers over the last year or so it is a possibility. The other one is pretty ballsy but I wouldn’t put it past a company that was taken to the cleaners when btc tanked. What if they are investing our money in other things for very short periods of time and then cashing it out and pocketing the returns? It would sound like a tough logistical plan to pull off but if you really sit and think about it, its absolutely possible. I’ve had 54 hours to sit and think about and they could really make a shit load of easy money by playing the stock market or the crypto market. At the same time they could also lose it all just as fast. I’m not saying any of this is true, it is purely speculation. But when something that has routinely taken 60 minutes or less for years is now taking 3 days or more, then there is more to this story other than some technical difficulties.

I’m almost 50 years old. I’ve been doing this for a long time online. But I’ve been in gambling for 30 years. And this looks like a cash grab to me. When I say cash grab, it’s similar to what FTX cryptocurrency did, that was a cash grab. It’s unregulated 90% of the deposits are encrypto currency, and they can take it, and there’s really nothing. You have to have a class a black and lawsuit against them. Which is very, very possible because the US government doesn’t really like cryptocurrency. And they’d like to nail any dirtbags out there. Trying to rob the working man. I mean, I’ll get ahold of the Attorney General if I have to I did nothing wrong. They are doing wrong, they are robbing us. They won’t even answer me 2 × 2day I tried to get through to them on the chat. I waited 20 minutes while they were looking up info for me. And then they mysteriously disconnected right before they could tell me anything. And then guess what? After my first deposit took 40 hours. After this after I tried to chat with them. They wanted verification ID verification. LOL like I’m gonna spend my money on a platform that I’m not legal. Are you kidding me? I bet thousands of dollars a week. These guys are fools, it’s OK. They’re gonna be on the radar and not the guy they want to be on. If you’re gonna run the halfway illegal business, you better run it right, bro? I mean, come on, why do you think the mob’s no longer in business just because they wear a suit doesn’t mean they’re not the mob and the Attorney General would love to get ahold of these guys? I don’t know I better get my money that’s all I can say dead beat casinos like silver oak and wild cherry, and everything else pays me before these guys pay me, are you kidding me? I thought this was a sister casino a bavado, the fastest payouts in the West LOL. A bunch of derelics.