Spin payout -dragon siege

I chatted in on Tuesday right after the spin, transferred mid chat to a casino specialist (a first for me) then the specialist told me I would receive word by email.

I havn’t heard a thing since.

So, I come to you Forum, is the payout correct for this spin?

Here is the spin—

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That is a $30 payout. 5 winning lines in total.
$25 on one and $1.25 on the other 4

I could have sworn the paytable for the knight said 200 for 3, not 100 that day. Is it possible it can change? Or that its different if $5 bet is chosen vs. $2 as in my screenshot? (Dont have enough online to select $5 abd check myself.

3x the knight is 100, that isn’t something that will change.
Your wager was 25 cents so its just 100x 0.25 to give you the $25 win

I appreciate the confirmation. I did understand that 100 x .25c part but just wanted to clarify that the paytables couldn’t change. Do they ever change for different bet amounts? Like I swear sometimes the payout for Crazy Christmas of the doll girl is 1.5x your bet size for 2 but at the higher denoms it seems to be just 1x the bet size. Again this is all from memory which isn’t verifiable which is why I am asking. I could be wrong there.

They will change on some slots to calculate the win for you.
But this particular game doesn’t do that.