St. Patrick’s Day ☘️ 2023

Will there be any excitement on the forum for the upcoming Holiday Weekend???

Superb deposit bonus with reduced rollover?
Free spins with deposit?

Larry’s Lucky Tavern sounds like a great game for a giveaway. I’m sure something can be done Moderators. It has been in excess of 6 months since we had a contest/ giveaway here! What do you think?



We don’t have any information yet, however, in case any available promotions, we’ll inform you accordingly.

Well that doesn’t sound to reassuring Carrie. Maybe you could reach out to find out if U.S. players could be eligible for something?? It has been MONTHS without any on here.

Maybe even send Mardi Gras beads in the mail as a consolation prize at this point?

We haven’t been advised of anything at this time.