STILL have not seen my deposit made on friday!

What is going here? I made an Ethereum deposit friday and it STILL hasnt been credited to my account. It was “escalated” Saturday and STILL nothing. every time i go onto to chat all i get are apologies and asked to be patient. I am tired of being patient, I would like to see some results!
Also, at the time I made the deposit, it was for 96.00 last i looked, it was at 86.00 who knows where it will be at if and when I finally do see it in my account but if its still at 86, am i expected to just eat the 10? Hardly seems fair that i have to pay an additional 10.00 for the pleasure of having to wait going on 4 days to see what should have been instant.

Apologies for delay. This is still being looked into, I’m afraid. I’ve requested an update for you.

see… and thats all been hearing. “its being looked into”, “please be patient” actually, scratch that, at first i was being told that “the network is saturated, its because of the network”. even after I said, 1st confirmation in 12 seconds, it was at over 100 confirmations within 30 min. I kept saying the transaction been completed, its in your wallet and i still got “no its a busy network”. Until finally someone saw it wasnt that its a busy network…
Anyway, “its being looked into” is fine for like a day. we are coming up on day 4 since i sent it. Why cant you credit my account and figure out why you cant pull your money thats in your wallet on your time? how come i have to continue to suffer?

and another day passed and STILL NO MONEY IN MY ACCOUNT.

We totally understand your reasons for concern and would like you to know that this is being worked on and once there is an update it will be shared.