Strange pending withdrawel

I withdrew 1000 from my account yesterday and it processed pretty quickly but I noticed that It never went into my crypto wallet. I was worried that maybe i mis copied the address but was able to double check that it was correct. Im wondering if anyones had the same issue with withdrawals not coming through recently and if I should be concerned. Thank you

I’m sorry to hear about your withdrawal and the longer then usual timeframe to have it confirmed.

It was just recently brought to our attention that due to the recent fluctuation in Bitcoin; it has resulted in network congestion which as a result has slowed down confirmations.

Is there a way you could send me the withdrawal hash?

I’ll send you a PM with it

Thank you.

I’ve had the same problem and it’s not getting confirmed

It just recently got confirmed about 24 hours after it processed on ignitions end.

Mine didn’t

It’s been 2 days now and no confirmation

Mine hasn’t bern confirm either been 2 days now

This delay is being caused by a recent spike in traffic which has caused congestion on the Bitcoin network.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Ignition is guilty of many things (slots with RTP that are way too low; poor VIP service/perks/bonuses), but in my experience, the withdrawal process is flawless. I’ve never experienced an issue with them. I give them an A+ on withdrawals. The rest of the report card would not be that good. But they are doing great work in the withdrawals department.

Makes me think… maybe promote the person(s) who are clearly doing great work at the withdrawal process and have them run the rest of the operation, since every other department appears incompetent compared to the withdrawal team/process/employees. Hopefully that person fires everyone else, starting with Player Services personnel, and then we get a new (better) casino experience. One can dream…

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