Suggestion for Thursday $2500 Freeroll Tournament

So, we are all a little upset about how the weekly Freeroll has been having issues. I have an idea.

I’m assuming the poker clients is having issues because the tournament is so big. 2,000+ entries every week. (We are able to sign up, weeks in advance.)

The sign up process causes the tournament structure to actually be pretty bad. Usually, there is over half the field that’s just sitting out, allowing the lucky few to be the only real players at their respective tables to easily chip up.

My suggestion is to simply not open registration until like 24 hours before the tournament starts. Maybe even 3 hours like the BTC Depositors Freeroll. There has never been an issue like this for that tournament.

The people who actually want to play in the tournament will have a better experience, due to the payout structure being better, actual players playing(not just sitting out), and hopefully helping with the overall quality of the tournament itself.

I feel like if it was this easy, y’all probably would’ve done it. So, you’re probably not gonna change anything for the better, but here’s my suggestion anyway. Do what you will.


Welcome to the community! I totally agree with your feedback.

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My only counter to this theory is that they get 2000+ players in regular tourneys without freezing up so why does it only happen to the freeroll? Everything else you said is on point.

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The backend is just so old and buggy, it can’t handle much stress, which is why every time they have a poker series, the server takes an absolute dump.

I would like to know why the FreeRoll weekly tournament does not always bring me to a table. It shows “View Table” after it starts and then it just sits there. I click and nothing happens. This happens probably 50-60% of the time and it is very annoying. I then have to leave the client and then use the browser version which is lacking. Please fix this issue.

Did you try these troubleshooting steps already?