Tables/software freezing midgame

I have now had the same incident happen 3 times. While playing 4 cash game tables, 2-3 of the tables will completely freeze up and action stops. I’m effectively permanently disconnected from that table, since it doesn’t come back. This was not an internet connection issue as the unaffected tables kept running normally, as did all my other internet applications. I use Windows on a PC.

I spoke to an agent on live chat who unfortunately was not helpful and suggested that I merely use the chrome browser to play poker rather than ignition’s poker client. I find this advice to be very odd and off-putting, essentially tantamount to a company asking me not to use their own main software so as to avoid the issue (?).

After this happened for the third time, I then spoke to another agent who directed me to search for “%appdata%” on windows and then delete the ignitioncasino-eu folder, saying that this might help. I did so and haven’t played again yet.

Has anyone else had this problem?

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@apjude I’m sorry to hear about that.

If using the software, we’ve also been given these great troubleshooting steps:

Guide to FULLY uninstall and reinstall Ignition Casino in Windows 10.

Open File Explorer in Windows and go to C: > Program Files (x86) > select and delete folder for: “Ignition Casino Poker”.

In File Explorer go to C: > Users > (Your Windows User Name) > select and delete the folder: Ignition Casino Poker.

In File Explorer click on “View” at the top, then on the top right side select the box for “Hidden Items”. This will allow you to access the AppData folder which holds cached files that need to be deleted to fully uninstall past versions of the poker software. Access the AppData folder in the next step.

In File Explorer go to C: > Users > (Your Windows User Name) select and delete folder “Ignition Casino Poker”.

In File Explorer go to C: > Users > (Your Windows User Name) > AppData > Roaming > select and delete folders: “Ignition Casino” and “ignitioncasino-eu-poker”.

Clear Google Chrome browsing data. To do so click the 3 vertical dots in the top right of the browser then click Settings, scroll to the bottom and click on Advanced, under the section Privacy and Security click on Clear Browsing Data, click Basic, select Time Range: All, select “Cookies and other site data” also select “Cached images and files”, click Clear data. Close browser.

Make sure Windows is updated

Restart the computer.

Go to and download a fresh copy of the software and install it.

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@apjude try turning off the setting “Show All-In Percentage”. Please reply if that helps.

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I did all the boilerpate: full re-install, restart computer, etc. Turning off all in % did not help. It just happened again on all 4 tables. See attached screenshot. They’re all just simply frozen-- you can see that there’s no “cloud” around the player whose action it’s on.

To give more info, I also had Chrome open at the same time as well as a youtube vid on firefox. I have a i5 8GB RAM PC and at this point think that I might just be overloading. It’s so clearly a problem with the software freezing up and not the internet.


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Have you tried playing without any HUDs or third party software running?

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No, but respectfully, if that eliminated the freezing problem it wouldn’t help me. Aside from the fact that I need to run that software to play seriously going forward, I’ve been using that third party software and this computer with no problems for 2+ years, with no problems until recently.

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Happens to me foo

We don’t recommend the use of third party software as they can and have been proven to be the cause of issues in the past.

If it happens when you’re not running additional software, let us know.

Yes, you are overloading. Would close firefox, and chrome if necessary. Did you pull up task manager to see if there was a problem with cpu and memory?

With browsers closed, might be able to get it with 3rd party software running. Otherwise, save up for more memory and/or new laptop.

@apjude I think the tables freezing is caused by the HUD. I’ve seen people mention that when they used Ignition Card Catcher and DriveHUD their tables were freezing up like yours. Are you using those programs?

Hi All,

I’m a fairly new player here on ignition. I am so far very disappointed with being disconnected so frequently and losing money.

I have already emailed ignition with no answer to the problem as of yet.

Anybody got any advise or do I just lose my money?

@Quen1403 We’ve got some great troubleshooting steps in this thread above.

I’ll have a look at your play and send you a PM shortly


Thanks, but it is not my WIFI. All my connections were working through the disconnection.

A table froze up while another table I was on continued playing fine. The table froze mid hand and I could only tell it froze because the pulsing spotlight indicator was no longer showing. I waited at least five minutes then closed the table and re-opened it and it worked fine after re-opening, but I missed numerous hands while my table was frozen. This isn’t the first time I’ve experienced this and it sounds like what numerous other players here have had issues with as well.

Normally only 1 or 2 tables freeze like that for me, but today all 5 tables froze. I had to open lobbies for all tables, close tables and click “take my seat” for each table. Normally only happens once a day for me.

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We don’t seem to have any over night reports of latency or issues last night, are you both still experiencing these issues today?

Also we’re going to PM @DonkeyShow shortly.

I haven’t had any tables freeze up today but the software is laggy. When I click Register in a tournament lobby it is very slow to bring up the buy in window. Then when I click Register in the buy in window it is very slow to load the tournament.

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@DonkeyShow Please let us know if this continues or worsens.

If anyone else is also experiencing this, please let us know.

I just had a single table freeze up while two other tables played fine. After a few minutes of nothing happening on the frozen table I closed and reopened it which got it working again.