Taking the Money - 777 Deluxe style and putting it in the BAG....250K and rising

• What are your initials? J to the P
• How long have you been with us? Maybe 2 months
• What was your winning game and amount? 777 Deluxe - $250,460.46 the story goes like this:::::
The Unreal day began as most bleak ones. Finding my transaction history only exacerbated the feeling of dread, forcing my yoga chair into downward dog for me. Bankroll was down, now 1$ and 20$ in comps, what can I scrape together to deposit? Grit and grindstone were used and I went to work. “Proper Prior Pounding” allowed the grind to squeak out some winnings. First on computer blackjack, then over the turned to the roulette table for some dizzy success. Meanwhile I had found the Pesca Bingo games hidden away. As I consider myself old ballz now, I took out my dauber and pounded out some cards, with success in a BINGO on a 20$ round.
That gave the bankroll (and ego) confidence, while almost getting out of the hole. But of course, like any good degenerate, I pressed hard and harder and harder. I explored the forums and found the winner surveys. I said “J to the P, you can do this. Gold Diggin Gus, thats a jackpot thats I could use, hammer with the old boy and see what you can do.” Well that was a week ago and he is still hammering away.
Much to my chagrins, I played some leaderboard rounds and found the 777 DeluX was paying out better than old Gus. Opening another browser window, dragging my old dying computer to a whine that was heard for miles, I set the autospin and took a break to greet the family home from schools and such. My daughter wanted to see the silly elephant Ganesh, and of course I should so oblige. As the young little one sat on my lap, on the yoga chair, we began to close out the fun of bingo for silly elephant time…
The screams of FuKYAHHHH were heard farther and wider than the roar of the computer. For the miracles of baby Jesus riding shotgun, Muhammad in the back with Buddha driving, my balance was now $263,000, the children were crying and the wife thought the end of times were upon us. Gathering my wits I showed the wife, calmed the kids and changed my underwear.
While typing this up I hit a Bonus spin for 1100 on 777 Delux and $3210 on Aztec Treasures.

• Was this your first big win online? Had hit a few little things here and there, but this is a new league

• How will you be spoiling yourself with your winnings? Hodling crypto, debanking entirely and getting the Frank out of the Henry with a king palm in my mouth, Driving my new truck across to bring home a new (to me), but still pretty old, 83 Porsche 911 Cabriolet that will be full electric. thanks goes Vanilla Ice for knowing how to treat a sick sick ride, that 30 years later, blown motor and all, its still to drool for.


You staked 20 on GRG and then hit 250k on 777 with no stake 2 secs later? Sounds like a good deal hahah :rofl: all jokes aside 290k on 70 wagered is quite impressive, congratulations!

Enjoy that 930 I’ve always wanted a 993 myself but she’s an evasive species.


I have been straight spinning on GRG for since jackpot at 160K. Playthrough in the millions now.
Darned tooting I just hit that bad boy with a home run too. Who in the heck let Zeus drive this rig down the highway to magic town.


I don’t know how to feel… I just won 77k few months ago playing 777 deluxe and I posted here… after that I lost around 50k I feel so bad because that money was a big gift from the heaven and I just wasted it again. I’m not mad at all because I won the jackpot playing 2$ per spin, I just got mad because I know that I won’t win again another jackpot here, but I tried so hard…

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Dude congratulations! So damn refreshing to hear a REAL ass person won it big. I’m very happy for you bro. Nice win. Thanks for the hope


‘For the miracles of baby Jesus riding shotgun, Muhammad in the back with Buddha driving, my balance was now $263,000,’ that slays me when I read it. Very entertaining post. Congrats sir!


Hilarious story, good for you and the fam!