Temples of Athena issue

We play temples of Athena and after i seen the three :crown: crowns turn into question marks on the game and i thought wait a moment and they turn back into crowns. So we wait and then nothing. I figured we hit the spin button again and they will turn back into the crowns, it never did and it spun again and the game read the hot drops are experiencing technical difficulties at this time and i was like WOW REALLY!!! after that i was spin again to see if the crowns would come back and didn’t. I was see three question marks after every spin and nothing would show but that and i was like wow we finally hot the super jackpot and we won. But all of a sudden it was technical difficulties on our win. So what gives man we finally win and it say technical difficulties on us and we get nothing. It was show on every spin after to and nothing. It didn’t hit anymore an i was continue to losey bets and see question marks on the spins. Wow we finally get a win and the hotdrop jackpots and its a technical error on there end and we get nothing after all we spend on here to get the super jackpot and its a error on there side. This is not cool and we are not happy about that. Cause what will you feel if you seen that and all of a sudden they disappeared and it reads technical difficulties. An my girlfriend was playing on her account an she was trying to win and now she is upset that we get the win and now it’s taken away from her in her account. Seriously ignition casino really! How can my girlfriend get three crowns and then ot reads on top the Hotdrop jackpots are having technical difficulties. This is not right and not fair. We want answers to this. My girlfriend is very upset her win was taken like that. We want answers!

Please provide exact date and time (EST) of the incident as well as bet amount and account balance. We’ll look into it.

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