The truth behind "disconnecting/freezing/lagging"

Please make sure to read the very bottom to help you understand what disconnection protection policy is and how you are eligible to receive a refund on disconnected games!

I’m on a personal mission to report every single game it occurs to me far to often do they not even say it in your hand history! Nonetheless I’m still doing the tideous work of combing through, and honestly ignition could do a much better job at organizing this information but that’s not beneficial to them is it? (Anyway…)

So far I’ve had the experience where “I’m the only one who disconnected” and after x amount of time I was able to rejoin in which case I’ve lost most of my 300!! Chips!!! And if I managed to pull it out of my Assortment of tricks and come back a tiny bit I don’t qualify for the protection? I understand if by a miracle which it happens I win! Ok don’t qualify but so many times match starts (jackpot sit’n go) all in all in all in these people it’s all they do but I feel lucky enough sometimes to call them and way too many times than not I freeze after calling the first bet in which case let’s say I flopped a full house or three of a kind or just something awesome which we know that kind of happens a little too much here too but it happens to me also so I can’t really complain too much about that but I’m here to complain about is when I do get that full House and I press that calling there all in button and it doesn’t go then when I am able to get back in and let’s say I pull a few more hands because I get lucky with a couple wins But ultimately still lose that one hand especially in poker is everything sometimes a lot of the times really and despite the fact that I’m most likely going to lose anyways I kind of want to at least play what I can shouldn’t I still qualify for the protection or should I just say nah I’m going to risk them not giving me the refund and who likes to sit there and contact support after each time they deal with an issue during their game which happens far too often as well for far too many people!! For it’s you being issue on your end not on ours try clearing your history and connecting to the Wi-Fi if you’re connected to Wi-Fi disconnect and then try reconnecting again turn your data on turn your data off turn it back on now after all that we suggest you play an incognito mode and especially use Google Chrome. It is too many people for it to not be ignition’s fault too many other websites play so smoothly not just poker not gambling but in general for them to not accept credit and sometimes I do understand there are special cases probably a lot of them knowing people where it probably is their fault but I followed their cookie cutter directions every time before I play and still meet the same problems again and again and again I’m at my wit’s end I’m taking it to heart in some ways and coming through as much history as I can tolerate to find all the games that I just let go because I’m tired of hearing that same scripted response blaming me for their faulty system/program/software w/e!!

Am I alone?!?! And I do not want this post being turned into a private message this is meant specifically to draw any person feeling the same way so that hopefully enough May gather that something can get done because I personally enjoy this site prior to my decision to try out cuz quite frankly I’m a little tired of losing on slots but with ignition it’s just as random on their poker!!


Disconnection Protection
Your cash is on the table and you are about to make a move but you are suddenly disconnected. What happens next? No worries – our disconnection protection software, which identifies poker players who have been disconnected from our game server, has you covered.

Remember, if you are still connected but don’t make a play in time, this type of protection doesn’t apply. You will time out of the hand and automatically fold. If this occurs during a tournament, you will be placed on ‘Auto Fold’, and in cash games, you will be placed in ‘Sit Out’, until you come back to the table.

Disconnection Protection for Cash Game, Sit & Go Tournaments and Jackpot Sit & Go Tournaments:

If you are disconnected during a hand, the software will detect your state and you will be awarded with an added 30 seconds to act. If you successfully reconnect within this timeframe, the table and/or tournament you were playing in will reappear automatically (if it isn’t already open), and you’ll have 30 seconds to act. If you do not act within this timeframe, your hand will check/fold.

The only instance where a player is given extra time to act is if they are disconnected from Ignition Casino’s poker software. Should there be a system delay not attributed to Ignition Casino, regardless of the cause, if a player does not act in the specified timeframe, their hand will be folded. If a player is disconnected during a hand where the action is checked to said player, the hand will be checked unless a specific action on the part of the player is required.

Disconnection Protection for Scheduled Tournaments:

The above disconnection protection policy is only in place when players are in the money and will only be used once per player per tournament.

See our Terms of Use for a comprehensive list of rules that all players must comply with, and section 2.5 as it pertains to this policy.


2.5. We are not responsible or liable in any way for any Internet disruptions or disconnections, and all risk and responsibility rests with you. In the event that you are disconnected from the casino game server, the system saves the games state upon disconnect. Upon reconnection the game can be continued from the point of disconnection. In the case of a disconnection or interruption during a poker “cash game”, you will be awarded an additional 30 seconds to act. If you do not act in this additional 30 seconds, your hand will be folded. Extra time will only be awarded when players are disconnected from the Ignition Poker system. In the event of a system lag not attributed to us (regardless of the cause), if you do not act in the specified time period, the hand in question will be folded unless the hand in progress is checked to the player and no other action is required. In the event that the access disruption is due to a systems issue within the Ignition Poker system, the game will be restored as soon as practicable and the game shall proceed. If restoration of the game is not possible, players will be refunded all bets from the disrupted hand.




Seems to be the norm since they changed to new software. Diamond level been my number one site till lately. Exact same thing happens consistently lately .Your comment to the letter is what happens to me all the time and support will make it right if you pursue it hard enough but such a pain and hassel to deal with every week wherw on the 2 doller below ones sometimes just dont even mess with it trying get my spare change back that was basically stolen in my mind since cheats you out of half the sessiom and uf by chance get back in with few chips to play a couple hands whuch by the way obes left at the table are rausing every hand if do the math on amount of chips left amd time to get site to work again​:man_shrugging:. Easy fix for a software engineer worth anyrhing to fix on my opinion. Ive learned when get booted off and glutches start chalk that tourney up as a loss and head to get a refund and start over if you get back in you basically forfeit that argument for money back. Just wait till it does it while yiur heads up for a big jackpot not a double up lose your shot at that money amd get another ticket hope its not another double up that you will play for over 70 percent of the time what ive seen with my play on them at all buy in levels. Ive pushed ignition over any other site for years till lately its gotton so ridiculous on platform issues and rng overall is just getting hard to stomach anymore :face_vomiting: . Your not imaging things or crying bad beat for no reason its happening to everyone In my opinion.


This site is a joke I’ve been disconnected 30 times today an cost me who knows how much. Then all they’ll say is it must be on your end. This site is a scam no way This bullshi happens on any other site. Then they will send you a tourney ticket like that is gonna fix it


I’m currently sitting out of a tourney just to complain every jackpot sit an go I’ve played today I have to exit the game then come back losing chips everytime cause the software blows

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An has anyone ever seen a jackpot sit an go more then 5 times your money I’ve played in 100s of these tourneys an never once seen no real money because they just stick it in there pocket. I’m a platinum with millions in points an it’s a scam

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I’ve actually got a $60 game off $.50 wager honestly I don’t mind the ticket but they don’t get one hand can change the entire game you could a raked there whole stack if you hadn’t of missed it. But I agree they do say the same things because it’s what they’re told to say if they don’t know what else to do or are just skeptic’s of everyone because probably trained to be that way but not all the agents are bad I gotta admit there’s a few who do try. I just wish there were more.


I try expressing this very thought and feeling to the agents all the time and they talk to me like I’m a kid who doesn’t understand technology and how things work enough to know it isn’t me who is the problem again there are a few who go out the way to make sure your taken care of without going outside there set limitations. Still I loved ignition also until lately I only put my change from purchases in to play.:unamused:

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Apologies for the late reply. Just as a note to provide some context here, generally when looking into these types of issues it is very easy for us to see when there are common issues that are affecting multiple players. We can simply check whether anyone else in that tournament was disconnected at the same time, whether we’ve had any drop in activity, or if there’s multiple common issues about the disconnections at the time.

The truth is that in most cases these are isolated issues, and when they aren’t for the most part they are advertised and escalated here. It can seem like this is on our end but these disconnections from past escalations are usually caused by drops in latency or intermittent disconnections that remove you from the table.

This can be caused by multiple factors like distance, propagation delay, internet connection type, website content, Wi-Fi, your router, etc.

This being said this is why we always ask that you provide the specific tournament number or hands when this happens so that we can look into it. In the future if you do have these issues let us know and we’ll always circle around to ensure this isn’t a common issue on our side, but these intermittent and isolated issues can be more common than you think.

Two Plus Two is the largest poker forum in the world. Step 1) Read all the posts about Bovada/Ignition issues.Step 2) After you’ve read all this feedback, ask yourself, “ Can the post I just made, be correct or have any relevance? Step 3) Take all this feedback and funnel to the people responsible for correcting it. Step 4) Follow up with your player base to see if you’ve corrected the issues. Have a read.

This feedback is already escalated on a routine basis and I am fully aware of the 2+2 servers. Note that this doesn’t necessarily change what I’ve advised above, as again when we have escalated these issues many times it has been shown as latency or isolated errors. This isn’t to say that this is always the case, but more often than not. Again, when there are common errors it is very easy for us to see, and when reviewing comments on any Forum including ours there are a myriad of other unconfirmable factors that come into play.

For instance HUD’s or third party software being used, latency, type of connection used, etc.

This isn’t to state that there are no errors on our end or that we don’t look into this, but to provide some context here. We understand it can be frustrating to be disconnected and we’re always looking to improve, but the reason we generally first advise that these errors are likely on the player side or look to what can be changed on the players end, is that most of the time this is isolated.

Isolated? I’ve read post on this forum and literally hundreds on Two Plus Two. That hardly qualifies as isolated. I’ve read dozens of posts that state your software is literally unplayable. This results in customer loss which I’m sure you take seriously. I hope it improves soon. Right now, the feedback is 90 percent negative.


How come so many other sites run just fine? Let’s pretend I don’t know anything about anything at the very least In fact I would assume when developing software at this stage of the technological advances we’ve made all those factors would be accounted for and would be made in a way to run smoothly with these as it seems to be constant “player issue” or you would advertise the instructions of what to do in order to prevent this from occuring in order to have smooth play but that isn’t the case leading me to believe it’s bull💩 to say it’s players factors that cause the issue. Why do even kids games advise you on what to stop and how to stop it in order to have play run with out issue but when your advice is given it solves nothing and it’s usually after players have lost enough and decided to complain if they didn’t just quit your site all together. I started this forum just because of the amount of posts and constantly received the same solutions that solve nothing!


@Anmiac3796 All true. I play on ACR and Ignition/Bovada simultaneously. ACR works perfectly and Ignition/Bovada freezes up. That would mean it’s certainly not due to my connection. Also, recently I have noticed one table will play just fine while the second table locks up. It’s maddening


I get the mods are biased and can’t call there employer’s software crap which it is but at the same time at what point do you either start complaining to higher up about how many complaints they get or just acknowledge there’s a problem and that’s out of there control

Just some info thought I’d share in light of the constant it’s not our fault it’s yours argument site number one is a very trusted and official website with tons of reviews from recent to past stating the same problems with ignition poker especially site number two is another you sent me more for the gambling crowd where It quotes from a support member of ignition

And here’s a quote from from support members of ignition

“The good news is that there is no table limit when you are playing on Ignition Poker and you can play as many as you wish. The bad news is that customer support only recommends playing one table at a time because multi-tabling can affect your connectivity to their site. “If you are multi-tabling tournaments, our advice is to close all of the tournament lobbies so that the software will run more smoothly.””

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This has already been discussed with you several times via live chat and exceptions have been made for you previously. And we are not biased at all, we check things when we are asked to and act upon what we find.

Seriously I hear that it’s isolated and only affect s a few people will the people come together and prove I’m completely wrong and that more people play without incident?!

Who ever does please share your secret what you do and how you do it? If you use any specific browser/o.s./(are a 9th lvl mage who’s mastered dimensional travel and has vanquished salmon with frodo? Please!!!

Sincerely, Anmiac37th96ity

P.s. this is primarily in regards to jackpot sitting go but all poker players fly

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Every time I have a good hand damn site always freezes on me and I have to fold my hand


Hi @Aznmike,

Do you have a hand number(s) where this happened so we can look into it for you?

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No I do not. It happened a handful of times and I didn’t know I was suppose to keep track of that also

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