This is getting ridiculous

This site gets ridiculous sometimes when it lags and freezes up so much sometimes on every spin it freezes and we have to exit and start all over just for the same result seems like this big of a site would have them issues fixed a long time ago.


Same exact thing with me right now and the answer is always clear your cache, that is Not The Problem!


Keno has been doing this as well. I play …get about four or five plays in and then it freezes and you have to reload …with no winnings when you refresh the page…and usually you get a win spin of break even a few times with an auto set to 25 spins…but when it freezes it takes your money like you never had any wins. Just zero. However we need to report it to the @moderators Or they don’t know it’s happening. @moderators please take a look. Thanks guys. And yes I’ve done all the maintenance stuff with clearing cash etc. it is happening on all my devices and also the downloaded version of the casino as well.

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There were some issues earlier that might have caused some games to need reloading more than usual.

Let me know if you’re coming across these issues still.

@Sam The issue appears to be fixed…as I haven’t had any issues in the last several hours.


Thanks for letting me know!

Of course I tried the chat and after spending time explaining my situation it tells me nobody is available for chat and to email so I have to start over with an email and that’s frustrating. I played jackpot sit n go and it would freeze and auto fold me a couple times and this is very maddening because it take your bet. Then I played slots and it was worse with the freezing. It very frustrating to have to clear your cache all the time and spin a couple times then freeze again or take 5 minutes for the spin to complete. I feel like it takes my money every time it happens cuz I never showed a single win when it connected again from the last spin. Then I played video poker and it wouldnt even flop the cards over for over a minute each deal and I just quit. It took all my money anyways and i feel it wouldnt be taking my money if it wasnt constantly making wait or having to start the site over it’s ridiculous and it isnt fair. I know it’s not the MODs fault in here because they are great but they are the only ones that I can get to respond cuz apparently chat ain’t working for me. @moderators

Send me a PM with the time that the sit and go took place and I’ll look into it for you.

On Friday night, my sit n go tables were lagging and they froze. I was frozen out for a time and my blinds were shrinking. Luckily, I managed to survive both incidents. The exact same thing happened on Saturday: lagging and I was frozen out from a sit n go. By the time I got back on, my stack was too low and I lost. I asked for a refund for that Saturday night’s sit n go. I was told that the problem was on my end, but that is not likely. Many other players had a similar problem last weekend and this was evident by their comments at the Ignition thread on 2+2:
Because this happened to me three times last weekend and my loss was not refunded, I do not feel safe buying into sit n go tournaments at Ignition.

Send over the tournament number from Saturday and I’ll take a look into it for you.

It was 36419207 Hold’em Double Up Turbo(08/01/20 at 21:14. However, the same thing had happened twice on Friday. On Friday, I got lucky so the problems did not cost me any money. However, the problem with 36419207 cost me my buy-in. I have not played since Saturday.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.

@Pompey63, We’ve now PM’ed you regarding this.

Here we go again same thing over and over freezing again and spins keep spinning for ever.

well I won a $1500.00 payout on a poker tourney. they need to do id verification thats fine but the thing is i go to send the pick of my Id and keep getting msg saying pic is too blurry. try to scan qr code wont scan try to chat wait for what seems like an hour and get told to come back later. Now when i first tried to widthdraw it said i recieved a weekly bonus of$30 and that all my winnings were tied up due to that then tell me i had to forfit my bonus… there was only 1 person there that actually took the time to help and told me about matchpay. I am not a tech savy guy my wife does most of this for me but she has put so much time into this she is throwing her hands in the air. Does anyone have any sugestions or direction to take? thanks

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Have you ensured to follow all the updates sent to you via the message response for the denial?

I do see they stated ‘Looks like you need an update! Our identity software only supports the latest OS and browser versions. Please check for updates and try again.’ It also appears from the message that no ID was actually uploaded. This seems like perhaps you would need to actually update your phone to the latest software update.

Also unfortunately not you do need to have this reset via live chat after verifying the account. I do definitely apologize for this, but it isn’t really something we can complete on the Forum.