Three Ignition bugs during one cash-game session

As I was playing cash games tonight, I encountered three different and annoying bugs. These were messages flashed to me:

  1. We’re not able to process your request at this time. Please try again later. (This happened in game.)
  2. Your available balance does not reach the minimum buy-in amount for this game. Please deposit to continue. I had more than enough $ for a buy in!)
  3. System down for maintenance. (Something like that: I cannot recall the exact wording of this third bug.)

Come on Ignition! You’re supposed the leading online poker site in the USA. You can do better than this.


glad to see more people reporting bugs

one day they will have a massive patch and fix all the bugs at the same time!

i have faith

@Pompey63 I’m sorry for the delay. in getting back to you. Were these errors running most of the night and it is possible to send us over a screenshot the next time any of those errors come up.

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The errors occurred several times over the course of a 2-3 hour cash game session. These bugs did not cause me to lose money, but they greatly diminished my enjoyment of Ignition.
I do not know how to do screen shots.

Top right of most keyboards, there is a button called “prt sc”, click that to take a screen shot. I’ve have all three issues multiple times. The first one, usually close that window and ignore it, i can usually play all 4 tables even if i close that window and ignore it.
The second issue, usually wait like 15 minutes and try again.
The third issue, wait 30 minutes, usually you can start playing again.

If you are using Windows 10 then you should have the program called Snip & Sketch. You can easily make screenshots with it.

Thanks, knowing how to do this can be useful. However, in some other instances, it is enough to give the hand #.
On the old Bovada of 10 years ago, I hardly ever complained because problems were few and far between!

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