Thursday perks not given

I thought 100+ deposits got perks on Thursdays. didn’t get mine.

The deposit of $100 should be made in one transaction.

was made in one transaction.

1:48 PM
Ref: 595410296
Deposit - Bitcoin

That’s correct, however, it was made on Sunday. You need to make a deposit of $100 this week too.

Ok. How about telling us exactly what “this week” means.
Days and times. Sometimes it seems as if you people are doing your best to drive people away from this site, instead of to it.

Week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday.

My bad. I just assumed that with your giving out perks on Thursday, the “week” would start over on Friday. But, I guess that’s what I get for assuming the obvious.

No worries at all. It’s good that you clarified. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Never got birthday bonus

@Nick4153 as you are aware, your birthday bonus inquiry has been escalated by CS agent, you’ll be informed about resolution within advised timeframe.

So, I deposited on Sunday. What you’re saying then, is that the perks are only given if you cash out Monday -Thursday.

I meant deposit, not cash out.

No Answer???

The week runs Monday to Sunday and the rewards will be added up to 48 hours after the deposit is made. The deposit bonus is added on Thursday providing you made a qualifying deposit the week before.

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So, I made the deposit on a Sunday. When would I have gotten the perks. Or does Sunday not count?

Sunday does count if you haven’t already received the benefits. 2 weeks ago you made another $100 deposit on the 10th, and were given the points and spins that day. They are only issued once per week.

Therefore the deposit on Sunday wasn’t eligible for anything. The program runs Monday-Sunday and you get benefits once. The Thursday deposit bonus is provided based on previous week deposits.