Ticket for the monthly $530

Are you guys still doing promotions for tickets into the monthly $530?

All I got this month was a free $60 satellite ticket & slot pulls.

Will I get more offers next month before it runs on July 11th? Thanks

Hi @Billy723,

I will send you a PM shortly.

lol You should be happy you’re getting free satellite tickets, all I get are garbage casino deposit coupons that I never use because I don’t play casino games and a $500+ deposit offer for a milli ticket.

I don’t get any promos. Maybe I need to leave


Unless sarcastic? I think he wants the milli ticket promotion.

I guess, I just wouldn’t be complaining about getting satellite tickets for free. Especially not $60

Well start putting up over 6 figures in MTTs every year and maybe you’ll start getting some better offers guys. glgl

If we sat into the Monthly Milly, can we sell the ticket?

@JL8181 Unfortunately poker tickets cannot be exchanged.

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