Tired of giving to the site never win anymore

who else is just about done with this site and the constant no win no way style of gaming here, the only time you can win is during a holiday or some other event where they turn the ball buster down and let us actually play. i ve been here for a while but there comes a time when its just not fun anymore the theres no winning days and if there is its like 20$ or something just about ready to move on and i think i am not the only one who feels this way


I’m probably not too far behind you. It’s gotten really bad. I keep saying I’m done and then the degenerate that I am deposits again and money is gone within 20-30 min. I play cyber punk all the time and haven’t hit an epic win in almost 6 months. I used to hit at least one a week. I’ve had some decent wins on Wheels XL but then follow it up with hundreds of spins without a win more than 5x my bet.

I know you can’t expect to win every time but the wins are becoming non existent lately. I’m the last 31 days I’ve made 17 deposits and 0 withdrawals. Haven’t been up more than $20-30 at any given time. I know all about losing and running bad, I’ve been doing it for years lol. But this is really beginning to feel like something else. I’ve never in my life left a casino with a feeling of like I was cheated. But I’m starting to feel that way here. But it’ is an unregulated online casino. At the end of the day I have no one to blame but myself.


Oh that feeling is what gambling is. In reality you’re not supposed to win but at some point you did and that feeling was good but one thats temporary… i know people who spend money and never win and also some that get 10 free spins in a promotional email and win 100k from 20 cent spins. Who knows when and if luck will return but its out there…

The deposits pretty much go straight to zero now across the 4 sites. I’m in the same boat as you. I never really go higher than 25% of my deposit amount.

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